Author Topic: Suri Nagamma Says Impurities Of The Mind Will Vanish With Grace of Guru  (Read 1915 times)


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A devotee asked me, “Anger and resentment may not be visible outside but may be latent. Is there any harm in it?” I then remembered an incident that happened in Bhagavan’s presence in 1944-45.

A lady devotee from Andhra Pradesh came to the Ashram and stayed for some time. Her devotion was of a peculiar nature. Her conception of Bhagavan was that he was Lord Sri Krishna and she was a Gopika (shepherdess).

The devotees here however felt that such a concept had no place here as Bhagavan was a brahmachari from birth and a Jivanmukta. But then she would not keep her view to herself but publicised it and even wrote to Bhagavan accordingly.

Bhagavan was as usual indifferent to such writings. He however gave me those papers to read.He remained untouched by all such trivialities but I could not keep quiet after seeing such atrocious writings. So I quietly rebuked the lady.

She flared up and began writing all sorts of nasty things about me. On seeing them Bhagavan said laughingly, “Here are the papers from her. All about you only,” and handed over the papers to me.

I was completely upset, but what to do? At last one day with tears in my eyes I told Bhagavan, “I cannot read such letters any longer and keep quiet. Let her damn herself. Please do not give me her letters any more.” “All right. I won’t given them,” said Bhagavan and stopped giving me her letters.

Some days later, that lady began tearing her clothes and started running about in the streets shouting, perhaps because of mental imbalance or deliberately.

When Bhagavan came to know of it he remarked, “Somebody must take pity on her and do something, otherwise how can she get on?” Taking it as an order, I spoke to a few of the well-to-do Andhra devotees and with their help sent a telegram to her husband and also arranged a person to look after her until the arrival of her husband. In a few days her husband came and took her away.

Sometime later she sent registered notices to four or five of us saying we had out of envy at her attaining siddhi (deliverance) dubbed her as a mad person and that she would file a suit against us for defamation. She followed it up with a visit to the Ashram with her lawyer.

When Bhagavan explained to him all that had happened, the lawyer spoke apologetically to us all and scolded her saying, “What nonsense! Enough. Enough of it,” and left. Realising she could not bluff any more, she also left for her native place in Andhra Pradesh.

Subsequently, sometime in November 1949, I received a letter from her enquiring about Bhagavan’s health, as she had received alarming reports about his health.

She wrote,“I have heard that Bhagavan’s health is not satisfactory. Please let me know how he is now. I had earlier written to you abusive letters.

I am sorry for what I had done. You are really Bhagavan’s child. Please excuse me and favour me with an immediate reply. I have given below my address.”

I informed Bhagavan about the letter. He simply said, “Is it so?” and kept quiet for about three days. During those days the usual graciousness in his look was absent whenever I prostrated before him; instead he used to turn his face away from me.

It then occurred to me that the cause of his displeasure was perhaps because of the internal impurity of my mind in still harbouring ill-will towards that lady and not replying to her.

I therefore bought a postcard immediately and wrote to her. “There is nothing particular now to worry about Bhagavan’s health.

I will write again in case there is any cause for anxiety.” I posted the card and came to Bhagavan. When I got up after prostrating before him, he looked at me graciously. I told him that I had just posted a reply to that Andhra lady.

In a pleasant tone, he remarked, “Yes, yes,” and calling Rangaswamy, Satyanandam and other attendants that were there said, “Look. She has written a letter to that Telugu lady. It seems that the lady had stated in her letter to Nagamma, I had abused you some time back but now I have realised my mistake.

Please excuse me and let me know about Bhagavan’s health.’ Nagamma has just sent her a reply. So that lady has now expressed her regret.” He thereafter turned towards me with a benign and benevolent look.

I was extremely happy and pleased. So this is the result of living at the feet of the Guru — all the impurities of the mind get washed away thus.

Narrating this incident I told that lady devotee from Andhra Pradesh that renunciation can never be real if anger and resentment remain in the mind.

That lady wondered if such impure thoughts occur even in the presence of Bhagavan and if he would treat such people with sympathy and tolerance.

The saying that Mahatmas are Patitapavanas (saviours of fallen people) has been illustrated in Bhagavan’s presence.

Though the lady had behaved senselessly,Bhagavan always had compassion for her, and he made me understand in his inimitable way that I should not harbour any ill will towards her; he kept up a cool attitude towards me until my anger and resentment towards that lady were given up. What are we to say about his great compassion!

Source: Letters from Sri Ramanasramam VOLUMES I, II & Letters from and Recollections of Sri Ramanasramam By SURI NAGAMMA Translated by D. S. SASTRI


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Guru Vachaka Kovai of Muruganar has got some verses describing
the state of mind and Guru's Grace. 

GVK Verse 964:-  The vision of absolute oneness (Kaivalyam) is only
that which is free from differences endangered by the ego, the great
delusion that has contaminated you.  The transcendental silence,
the divine grace in which Jnanis disport and which is Consciousness,
the Supreme, is the supreme abode of (Parandama) that has been
realized by them.

GVK Verse 965:-  If you, thinking of God, take one step towards
Him, in response, He who is more kind than a mother, thinking
of you, takes nine steps - such a long distance - and accepts you.
So great is his Grace. 

In Padamalai, Muruganar says:

Bhagavan:  (His verse) Padam (God) comes swiftly bounding to
see those devotees, who are genuinely struggling to see it.

Padam, the extremely intense, true and supreme grace, takes
ten steps (towards the devotees) when the devotee takes one
step (towards Padam).

Question:  Does God bestow grace on Jivas or not?

Bhagavan:  However much you remember God, God remembers
you much more.

Question:  Has God or the Guru any solicitude for me?

Bhagavan:  If you seek either -- they are not really two but
one and identical - rest assured that they are seeking you with
a solicitude greater than you can ever imagine.

GVK Verse 966:-  .... It is verily the form of divine grace, (Tiru
AruL) that dances on high, subduing everything else.  Therefore,
the fault of sighting it by not even thinking about it lies only
with the beings who ought to think of that reality all the time
and to such an extent that their minds soften and melt at such
supreme love from reality.  How can the blame for God not bestowing his sweet grace on them be attributed to God, the
reality that exists?

(Source:  Guru Vachaka Kovai, English translation with commentaries.  David Godman.)

Arunachala Siva.