Author Topic: Ramana Maharshi supports mixing chillies in food  (Read 1285 times)


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Ramana Maharshi supports mixing chillies in food
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4th February, 1950

In the last week of April 1947, Bharati, a Telugu monthly journal, was received in the Ashram. It contained an article on the chillies of Palnad (a part of Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh).

In it, it was stated that chillies would cure congestion of the chest due to phlegn, help digestion, and act as a good tonic for the body.

The author also said that chillies have a number of beneficial effects to the body and stimulate the brain and are useful in the preparation of many medicines.

He also quoted authorities in support of this theory. Bhagavan asked me to read out the article, called the Ashram doctors and said smilingly, “Look here. You want me to cut down on chillies.

The efficacy of chillies has been described in an article in the Bharati. Nagamma is going to read it. Listen carefully. It prevents phlegm and acts as a good tonic.

Many are the beneficial effects of chillies.” So saying Bhagavan asked Venkataratnam to preserve that issue of Bharati.

Venkataratnam and I were wondering why Bhagavan wanted us to preserve this particular copy. Ten days later,Janaki Ammal, wife of the retired surgeon, Ganapathi Iyer,
(now Janaki Matha) came with some other ladies to stay in the Ashram for a few days.

One afternoon, around 3 o’clock,addressing Bhagavan, she said, “Bhagavan, you are looking very weak.

You must completely cut out chillies and take only nutritious food. Chillies dry up the system,” and quoted a number of examples in support of her statement.

She went on in the same strain even though someone there remarked that chillies had never done any harm to Bhagavan.

Again someone nearby tried to interrupt her. Then Bhagavan remarked, “Don’t be impatient. She is the wife of a surgeon.

While he prescribes the medicines, she prescribes the patients the diet. What can you know about such things?”

He then turned towards her and said, “You say chillies are not good but there is a long article in the Bharati extolling the good qualities of chillies.

Whose advice am I to follow? Wait a minute. They will read the article to you and you can yourself understand all about it.

According to you, chillies weaken the body but according to the article, the Reddis of Palnad are strong and sturdy because they eat plenty of chillies. Listen to the details.”

So saying Bhagavan asked Venkataratnam to get the journal and read out the article.

The lady was not able to say anything any more.

Source: Letters from Sri Ramanasramam VOLUMES I, II & Letters from and Recollections of Sri Ramanasramam By SURI NAGAMMA Translated by D. S. SASTRI