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ULLadu Narpadu - 39
« on: April 15, 2010, 11:40:38 AM »
In the context of the second verse of ULLadu Narpadu, T.R.
Kanakammal writes the following comments:

The reasons to prove the unreality of the triad are as follows:

1. The superimposition of the universe with the triad, perceived
on the Reality is an outcome of ignorance.  As the perception
is vitiated by one's ignorance of one's self, to know the world
aright, one must know oneself aright.  Bhagavan used to remark:
"The world laughs at the ignorant saying, "How can you know me
aright, being unable to know yourself?"

2. The triad being indivisible, if one part is rejected, the whole
should be rejected.

3. The onus of responsibility of proving the reality of the world,
is on those who assent, not on those who deny.

4. Seeing the world is no proof of its reality.  For by same token,
the mirage seen should be a reality.

5. If it were real, it should continue to shine in the light of
Awareness, where, with ceasing of ignorance, the triad ceases
to be. 

6. That the unity experienced in the Real state, alone is real,
not the multiplicity of the state of ignorance, is proved even
as a dream is proved unreal after waking up.

7. It is the reality of the substratum that lends the seeming
reality to the unreal appearance.

The Reality is limitless.  The three fundamentals do not exist
apart from the Absolute Reality..... For those who still perceive
these three fundamentals, they are said to be realities.  They
are concomitant with the ego.

                                                    -  Talks No. 230

All religions can take one only upto a point revealing the awareness
of something beyond it.  Then comes the barrier of duality.  The
obstacle of duality has to be transcended to move into the religion
of Silence, which is the Source of all.  For those like Bhagavan
who transcend the barriers of religion, the scriptures of all religions
stand revealed.  Silence is the source of sound and words.  One who
realizes one's own true identity by annihilating the ego and remains
as That - Sat Chit Ananda, becomes the source of everything.

"Atma is Pratyaksha (self evident).  Know it and be done with
all speculations."

                            - Talks No. 274.

Arunachala Siva.