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ULLadu Narpadu - 37
« on: April 14, 2010, 02:45:27 PM »
The second verse of the main text reads as under:

Tamil verse:

Mumudhalai emmathamum murkollum or mudathale
Mummudhalaai nirkum enru mummmuddhalum - mummudhale
ennal ahankaram irukkumatte yan kettu
Thannilaiyil nitral thalai.

Sanskrit - Kavyakanta Ganapati Sastri:

Aarabhyate jiva jagat paramatma
tattvaabhidaanena matam samastam |
Idam trayam yaavad aham-matih syaat
Sarvottamaa' ham-mati sunya nishtaa.||

Sanskrit - Lakshamana Sarma:

Visvam jivaparau vadet prarthamatah sarvam jagtyaam matam
Ekamm sat trividham partiyata iti trinyeva taanityapi|
Vaadau yavadhammatir vapusi taam hitva tu sammohanim
Svasminneva pade sthtirbhavati yaa sarvottamaa saiva hi ||

This verse inquires into the reason for our vision of duality
and difference. 

All views of naming the three principles of the individual,
the world, and the Supreme soul are begun. As long as the
"I" notion is there, so long will be this three.  The abidance
in the absence of the "I" notion is the best of all.

Kapali Sastri on Kavyakanta's version (abbreviated by me)
are as under:

All religions begin with the three fold truth, God, world and soul.
But they do not end there.  Saiva Siddhantam says Pati, Pasu,
Pasam. Christianity speaks of God, Son of God, and Holy
Angel. Even the Absolute Monist, Advaitins, admits the trinity
in the phenomenal existence.  If the basic truth of all existence
is one Supreme Reality, Brahman or the Self, how is it that it
assumes the threefold form of God, world and soul?  (Bhagavan
Ramana mentions only God, world and soul and not Pati, Pasu,
Pasam).   "Only when the ego reigns, the three are apart."

Only as long as the ego endures, these three are separate from
one another.  It is the ego's first mischief.  The "I" notion.  This
"I" which is absent in deep sleep, jumps out and sees the world.
And then carves a three fold category out of the One that exists,
the Real, which we really are.  A small foretaste is there every
night in deep sleep.  This is the Supreme poise of the Self when
the ego is totally lost.

There are many methods of spiritual discipline recommended
in the scriptures and this one of keeping to the Supreme poise
of the Self us the highest of them all.  For here as the result
of the dissolution of the ego, Brahman, the Supreme Reality
and the Source of the triple truth, reveals itself to direct perception,
to immediate experience.  It is the nature of the ego that through
it the One undivided supreme Brahman presents itself as triple
truth, as the manifold existence.

Bhagavan calls it with the Sanskrit term, Chit-Jada-granthi, a knot,
an obstruction to the apprehension of the truth of the Supreme Reality.           

Arunachala Siva.