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Major Chadwick's Day - 17.04.2010 (3)
« on: April 12, 2010, 10:15:59 AM »
He had made these observations about Bhagavan Ramana:-

1.  Whenever people came to Bhagavan with their family stories,
He would laugh with the happy, and at times shed tears with
the bereaved.  He never raised His voice.  He would never touch
money because He never had need for it and was not interested
in it.  He preferred every sort of simplicity.

2. Bhagavan is a very beautiful person.  He shone with a visible
light or aura.  He had the most delicate hands.

3. He is very scrupulously clean and His body gave off a faint
perfume, though He never used a scented soap.

4.  Bhagavan radiates always tremendous peace.  But on those
occasions like Jayanti and Mahadeepam, when crowds were
attracted to the Asramam, this Peace increased to an extraordinary
degree.   The numbers seem to call up some reserve of a hidden
force, and it was a great experience to sit with Him at such times.

5. His face wreathed in the most lovely of smiles, and an expression
of serenity and beauty in it, which is impossible to describe, or even
believe, unless one has seen it himself.

Sri Ramana Kendram, Hyderabad.)

Arunachala Siva.