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Bhagavan: I am standing!
« on: April 11, 2010, 10:44:28 AM »
Swami Siddseswarananda (he was Head of R.K. Math in Paris), came to see Bhagavan
Ramana, a number of times, during his visits to India.  He has said once:  "Ramana
is the most complete realized being in the world."     

Once Bhagavan Ramana and Swami S. were strolling on the Hill.  After some distance,
Bhagavan stopped walking further and was looking at the Hill.  Swami S. then
asked Ramana:  Bhagavan!  Are you enjoying the natural scenery here?  Bhagavan
Ramana replied:  I AM STANDING.

A lightning flashed in Swami S.'s mind.  There is a Zen story.  Once a Zen Master,
was standing on the cliff of a hill and was looking at the valley on the other side.
The disciples came and asked him:  Are you waiting for a person from the valley?
The Zen Master said:  No.  Another devotee asked:  Are you going down the valley
on the other side of the hill?  ZM: No.  The third one asked:  Are you enjoying the
natural scenery?  The ZM said:  No.  What are you then doing Master?  The
Master replied:  I AM STANDING.

Bliss is natural, totally independent of the environment.  Sometime, the bliss
manifests or jumps outside towards a wonderful aspect of nature or for some
worldly job. 

Arunachala Siva.