Author Topic: Papa Ramdas' experience with Bhagavan  (Read 1607 times)


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Papa Ramdas' experience with Bhagavan
« on: April 08, 2010, 11:58:17 AM »
Dear friends,

In new 'Saranagathi' letter there have been published an article about Papa Ramdas' (i hope his name is allowed to mention here  ::)) experience with Bhagavan:

Perhaps, some one knows what cave Swami Ramdas mentions in his text? I know this path upward the Arunachala behind the Great Temple. It will be interesting to know what cave Swami had been exactly staying in?
I mean this:

"Losing no time, he took
Ramdas up the mountain behind the great temple.
Climbing high up he showed him many caves. Of
these, one small cave was selected for Ramdas, which
he occupied next day."