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ULLadu Narpadu - 35
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Muruganar continues his Guru Vachaka Kovai verses to highlight
the subject matter of Verse 1 of ULLadu Narpadu, Main Text.

Verse 113:-  If the Jiva, who is a reflected appearance, really shines
as an independent entity distinct from the Supreme, then the authoritative conclusion of the Jnanis, that the actions of the Jiva
are really the actions of Siva will have to be said to be merely
mental imagination.

Verse 115:-  If it is asked, 'When a prime entity is only one, why
do all teachers and religions soften their stance and accept inititally that it is beneficial to say that the prime entities are three?' the
answer is: 'Unless it is agreed that the three entities are real, the
Jiva, being whirled about by externalized attention (Suttarivu in
Tamil), will not be able to accept that One, the Reality.'

(This verse covers the second verse of UN also.  We shall see the
details of V. 115 in more detail later.)

Verse 116:- The particulars about the past history of the Jiva, which
are full of (details about) the suffering he inflicted on others
and the suffering inflicted on him by others, in innumerable past
lives, do not remain in the Jiva's consciousness.  Know clearly
that this compete forgetfulness, a veiling, is an act of grace by
God towards the Jivas.

Verse 117:-  Even the limited memory, which prompts in the mind
the rise of thoughts about a few incidents from this one life (the
feeling of guilt), makes the life of the Jiva wholly miserable.
Because of this, forgetfulness alone deserves to be greatly desired.

Verse 118:-  Individual gods and goddesses, and their powers
appear to be real on account of the imagination of the minds of
those who marvel at and admire them.  But in the Self, the reality
that transcends the mind, maya - this imagination of the mind
that bewilders the Jiva -- is false at all times.

David Godman quotes here a brief conversation between Vilacheri
Ranga Iyer (Rangan, the school mate of Bhagavan) and Bhagavan

"What about Kailash and all other worlds?" - I (Rangan) asked
Him one day.  "Do they really exist?"

Bhagavan:  "All are the concoctions of the maya."

Muruganar further comments here:  Therefore, in the vision of the
Self, that is true knowledge of Reality, there is no scope for the
arising of disputes about individual gods and their powers.

(All translations of GVK Verses in English - by David Godman.)

Arunachala Siva.