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ULLadu Narpadu - 29
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Muruganar's Guru Vachaka Kovai further describes the essence of
the first verse of the main text of ULLadu Narpadu,

Verse 98:-  It is only when you live your life by taking the body
alone to be "I" that the external world, consisting of moving and
unmoving objects, will manifest itself.  Since, for the Self, there is
a complete absence of external objects, whether far or near, it is
therefore wrong to say that it is an unaffected witness.

Talks - No. 466:

Question:  Is not the Self the witness only - Sakshimatra?

Bhagavan:  'Witness' is applicable when there is an object to
be seen.  Then it is duality.  The Truth lies beyond both. In the
mantra, "sakshi cheta kevalo nirgunascha" - the word "sakshi"
(witness) must be understood as "sannidhi"- Presence, without
which there could be nothing.  See how the sun is necessary
for daily activities.  He does not however form part of the world
actions;  yet they cannot take place without the sun.  He is the
witness of the activities.  So it is with the Self.   

Day by Day - entry dated 18th July 1946:

Bhagavan:  Talking of the 'witness' should not lead to the idea
that there is a witness and something else apart from him
that he is witnessing.  The 'witness'  really means the light that
illumines the seer, the seen and the process of seeing.  Before,
during and after the triads of the seer, seen and seeing, the
illumination exists.  It alone always exists.

(Source:  Entries as quoted by David Godman.)

Verse 99:  The world does not exist without the body; the
body never at any time exists without the mind; the mind
does not exist at all apart from Consciousness.  And Consciousness
too does not exist apart from Being.

(This is a gem of a verse.  Here is where, Muruganar comes to
the Ajata Siddhanta of Bhagavan Ramana.  The illusory appearance
of the world, Jiva and Iswara are only for the practical use for
seekers.  Once they become advanced in their level of maturity,
the Vivarta Siddhanta, will go off, as the mud that stuck to your
sole, during previous night's rain,  will dry up and fall away on its own, once you walk further in the  morning on the road!)

Arunachala Siva.