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ULLadu Narpadu - 26
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GVK Verse 84:  In the same way, that the wonderful scene that
manifests in a fireworks display is already present in the unlit
fireworks, all the gross and subtle scenes that manifest through
the brain are already present within the Heart in the form of ancient
tale of Vasanas (mental habits and tendencies) that manifest in
such a way that they can be seen externally.  You should clearly
understand this in your mind.

Bhagavan:  When I was staying in the Skandashram, I sometimes
used to go out and sit on a rock.  On one such occasion there were
two or three others with me, including Rangaswamy Iyengar.
Suddenly we noticed some small moth like insect shooting up like
a rocket into the air from a crevice in the rock.  Within the twinkling
of an eye, it had multiplied itself into millions of moths which formed
a cloud and hid the sky from view.  We wondered at it and examined
the place from which it shot up.  We found that it was only a pinhole
and knew that so many insects could not have issued from it in
such a short time.

This is how ahamkara (ego) shoots up like a rocket and instantaneously spreads out as the universe.  (Talks 616).

Bhagavan: Manifestation of previously accumulated Vasanas
is creation.  Destruction of Vasanas is the end of creation.
                                (Padamalai Verse 5)

GVK 85:  God, the Self, manifests himself as the world with its
multitudinous names and forms.  But unlike the potter who
fashions a pot while remaining distinct from the mud that is
the material cause for its creation, He does not remain as merely
the efficient cause, performing the acts of creation, sustenance
and destruction.

GVK 86:  Do not question "How indeed has this confusion arisen
-- that the Self does not know the Truth that it has manifested
itself as the world?"  If you enquire, "For whom is this confusion?"
you will find that the confusion never existed.

In the entry of Day By Day, dated 17th Feb. 1946, afternoon,
the following discussion has been recorded:

Q:  How has srishti (creation) come about?  Some say it is the
karma. Others say it is the Lord's lila or sport.  What is the

Bhagavan:  Various accounts are given in books.  But is there
creation?  Only if there is creation, (do)  we have to explain
how it came about.  All that, we may not know.  But that we
exist now is certain.  Why not know the "I" and the present
and then see if there is a creation?

GVK Verse 87:  Saying that the Self has fashioned itself as the
world is like saying that a rope has fashioned itself into a snake.
On close examination, it is found that snake does not exist at
all.  By the same token, there was not at anytime a world creation
in which the Self apparently fashioned itself into the world.

GVK Verse 88:  The form of the snake is not different from the
thought of it.  When one studies the matter, it is not that thought
which causes the separate snake to be created in that rope, which
sustains it as the cause of one's suffering, and which makes itself
dissolve (when the truth of non existence of the snake is realized?

Arunachala Siva.