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ULLadu Narpadu - 24
« on: April 05, 2010, 04:39:51 PM »
Sri Lakshmana Sarma continues to explain the purport of verse 1
of the main text U.N.

Sri Ramana Paravidyopanishad:

Verse 90: That peaceful Self, who shines by the light of His own
nature as pure Consciousness in the Supreme State, where the
world is lost, is the sole Reality; such is the teaching of our holy

Verse 91:  As the dream world is known to be unreal for the reason
that it vanishes upon waking, so this waking world also, is proved
be unreal by its vanishing in the light of the Self.

Verse 92:  But ignorant men, who are averse to winning the
Supreme State, put forth an endless series of arguments, (trying
to refute these teachings).  The Sages clear the doubts generated
by these arguments so that the earnest aspirants may not be
deluded by them.

Verse 93:  This teaching of the unreality of the world is not
addressed to those who look upon the body itself as the Self,
or consider the Self to be the owner of the body.  For these
people the world is real and not unreal. 

Verse 94:  The teaching, that the trinity of the soul, God and
the world is unreal, is indivisible. So, for one that is convinced
that one of these is real, the other two are also real.

Verse 95:  To those that seek deliverance, the teaching is that
all these three are equally unreal.  This teaching must therefore
be accepted exactly as taught by those who are earnest to win
deliverance by the extinction of the ignorance.

Verse 96: One that is wise would either accept the teaching
as a whole, or reject the whole of it.  Who can make use of half
of a hen for cooking, the other half for laying eggs?

(This is a reflection of Gaudapada's Karika and its wonderful
commentary of Sri Sankara.)

Verse 97:  To begin with, it needs to be considered why the world
is taken as real, for the burden of proving the reality of the world
lies on him that asserts it, and not on those who simply deny it.

Verse 98:   Everyone that is ignorant of the Real Self thinks the
world is real because it is seen.  This is no proof, because it
proves too much, as the same reason would prove the reality
of the mirage, the rope-snake etc., since these are also "seen".

Verse 99:-  The fact of being seen is no conclusive proof that the
world exists exactly as imagined, by the seer.  From the seeing
it is proper to infer only that there is a Substratum in which the
world appears.

Verse 100:  Even the scientists have proved that things are not
exactly as they appear to the seer, for they say that the solid-
seeming objects are really a little more than the empty space.

(Atomic scientists have proved that atom is not a solid particle
but consists of a close space in which electrons are rotating around
a nucleus, composed of protons, neutrons etc., The whole atom
comprises more of empty space, than the space occupied by all
the protons, neutrons and electrons put together.  The universe
is occupied by stars, suns, galaxies, and planets only to the extent
of 0.01% compared to the total space of the universe, which is again
is not as of today, measurable at all.)

Verse 101:  Only the Sage, who knows the Substratum of the world
appearance, the Reality, as Pure Space, by His being firmly established in the Supreme State, is competent to reveal the truth
of the world.

Arunachala Siva.