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ULLadu Narpadu - 22
« on: April 05, 2010, 11:48:39 AM »
Let us see the first verse of the main text.


Nam ulaham kaandalalal nanavaan sakti yuLa
Or mudalai oppal oruthalaye - namam vuru
Chittiramum paarpaanum cher padamum aaroLiyum
Attainaiyn taanaam avan

Sanskrit:-  (Kapali Sastri)

sarvair nidaanam jagato'hamas cha
vaachayah prabhuh kaschid apaara saktih |
chitre'tra lokyam cha vilokitaa cha
patah prakaaso' pyabhavat sa ekah || 

Sanskrit:- (Lakshmana Sarma)

pasyaam bhuvanam yato bhavati sat tanumoolamekam param
yacchakteh parinaama bhutamakhilam naitavdvivaadaaspadam |
aakhyaarupamayam cha chitramidampyaadhaara vastram dyuthih
drastaa cheti chatustyam sa paramo yah svaatmabhuto hrdi ||

Cause hunting is natural to man.  The inquiry begins from me
and my experience.  Sir Isaac Newton, when an apple fell over
his head, started thinking, why should I be hit by the apple?
Why should the apple come down straight to my head?  What
could it not have moved upwards?

I see before me the vast universe pf infinite things and beings.
For every effect, there must be a cause.  What then is the
primary cause of the experiencer (Jiva) and the experienced (Jagat)?

The Jiva cannot be the cause of the Jagat.  He was already born
into it.  He can at most be the cause of his dream world or of
confusions in the world?

The Jiva cannot be the cause of himself due to the self-dependence
fallacy.  Another Jiva cannot be the cause of this Jiva for who created that Jiva? It would go on regress, ad infinitum.  The Jagat cannot,
again, be the cause of itself, since if it were already there, where
would be need for its creation?

The world cannot be the cause of this Jiva as inert cannot
cause a sentient being.  A stone cannot create a bacteria.
There must be a third factor which is the cause of BOTH THE
JIVA AND JAGAT.  That cause is called Iswara or God in religion.
And Truth or Sat in philosophy.  It must have infinite potential
for creation, must be omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.
Different schools of thought may attribute different qualities to the Lord and different relations with Him, and different names for Him
too.  But all thinking men have to accept the existence of a primary
cause, which is the causeless Cause.

Some ask the question, if God created all, who created God?
This question is a fallacy.  We can only give him different names
but we cannot ask who created him.  If one accept that God is the
cause, then by asking for His cause, we are REDUCING HIM TO
AN EFFECT, which is fallacious.  If we accept some cause for God
also, then again the question of a cause for that cause can be
raised.  This ends up in infinite regress.  Hence God is a causeless

With what did the Lord create the world and its beings? If it
is some material other than Himself, then He does not remain
the primary cause, as we would ask, who created that material?
So we understand that He created this entire universe out of Himself. i.e. He Himself appears as this world and its beings.
Like the clay and the pot. 

A knitted picture of wool shows  mountains, a river, sunset, animals,
a person watching etc.,  If we were to start pulling the wool
we would realize that one ball of wool alone had become all.
Similarly, Truth alone is the substratum, the illuminator, and all
various names and forms of this world.  In essence, Jiva, Jagat,
and Iswara -- are all one.  This is seeing the Truth.  This is
seeing the ULLadu.  This is Sat Darsanam.

Arunachala Siva.