Author Topic: Bhagavan! Give me some Upadesa?  (Read 1147 times)


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Bhagavan! Give me some Upadesa?
« on: April 04, 2010, 04:32:01 PM »
An interesting incident happened in the presence of Bhagavan
Ramana.  Once an Andhra gentleman approached Bhagavan and
very humbly beseeched:  Bhagavan!  Give me some Upadesa>"

Bhagavan:  Why should "I" give "you" Upadesa?

Devotee:  For my ajnana to be destroyed.

Bhagavan:  Why should "I" instruct "you" for your ajnana to be

Devotee:  Because you are a Jnani and I am an ajnani.

Bhagavan:  In a Jnani's perception, there is no one who is an
ajnani.  With "no one" as the "other" how can "I" instruct "you"
then?  If as you say, considering oneself as a Jnani and another
as an ajnani one should instruct, the possession of this bheda-
buddhi itself (the sense of differentiation) will make him out,
not as a Jnani but an ajnani.  And what is the use of such an
Upadesa?  (i.e. from an ajnani to another ajnani.)

The gentleman, perplexed, remained silent for quite sometime.
Then in a tone of utter helplessness, marked by an intense longing
for help, he queried further:

Devotee:  Then, what is the way of release for such a one like me?

Bhagavan now sat up.

Bhagavan:  But who is that "me"?

Devotee:  "Me" only, Bhagavan, "Me".

Bhagavan:  That is what I am asking, who is that "Me"?

Devotee:  I am not able to explain or describe "Me".

Bhagavan:  Aha!  So now there is one called "me" in you whom
you are aware of of.  Is it not?  Find him out.

Muruganar who was witnessing the entire interlocution, instantly
said:  "Oh!  You asked for Upadesa.  It has been given.  Here it is."

The gentleman sat very quietly for sometime, then slowly got up,
prostrated and went out.   

Bhagavan smilingly said:  IT WILL WORK.

Arunachala Siva.