Author Topic: Ramana Maharshi answers to question whether god is with form or without form  (Read 1203 times)


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Q: “Some people say that God is with form and others say that He is without form. May I know your considered view over this issue?”

Immediately Bhagavan asked the questioner, “Please tell me first whether you have got any form or not.”

The devotee replied, “Certainly I have got a form. See my body – it is five feet eight inches tall and 38 inches in chest measurement.”

Then Bhagavan said: “So your ‘I’ refers to your body, is it so?”

The devotee: Yes, what doubt is there?

Bhagavan: In that case when you are dead why does not your body, the real ‘I’ of your conception, tell the carriers of the coffin to leave you on earth for some more years to enjoy the material pleasures of the world?

Devotee: How can the dead body speak?

Bhagavan: You told me that your ‘I’ is the body and if that were to be correct it must speak.

Devotee: Bhagavan, I made a mistake. I do not know the real ‘I’ in me.

Bhagavan: When you do not know about yourself why do you try to know about God? First try to know yourself then you will be able to know everything about God.

The devotee prostrated before Bhagavan, begged for his grace and returned more enlightened. Thus Bhagavan was able to throw light on every aspirant on matters pertaining to God and Self to the entire satisfaction of the seeker.



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Bhagavan Ramana always remained in the transcendental Awareness,
right from the Day 1 of His Self-realization.  He never accepted anything called the body.

In Sri Arunachala Akshara Mana Maalai, Verse 9, He asks

Enai azhitthu ippothu enaik kalavaavidil
idhuvo aanmai Aruanchala!

Is it manliness, O Arunachala, if you fail now to embrace me
and destroy my maidenhood?

This is a daring plea for union thorugh self-destruction, a total
surrender of the body, mind and soul.  The maiden unashamedly
offers up her body for violation.  The sadhak lays bare his ego
for sacrifice.  It is a challenge to Purusha (the Male) to overpower
Prakriti to make her His own, irrevocably and finally once and for

The erotic imagery is purely symbolical (since Bhagavan's
body consciousness has already been lost) and should not be
taken literally.  The destruction of the ego and the union of
jiva with Siva are meant.

Again, in Sri Arunachala Aksharamana Maalai, Verse 11, He asks:

Aimbula kaLvar ahathinil pukumbothu
ahathil nee ilaiyo Arunachala!

When those robbers, the five senses, enter my mind, are you not present there at home to keep them out?

Bhagavan speaks here about five senses, which are all of the body.  In the body are the five senses.  Since the Self is ever awake, the five senses cannot do thievery unless one's mind permits.  It is the mind that jumps out with these senses to do the wreckage. When the mind implants itself in the Self, the senses are mute without any trickery. Such freedom is only a bait to test the sadhak whether he stands firm in his sadhana. 

This is evident from the next verse.

Bhagavan says in the Verse 12 of Sri Arunachala Aksharamana Maalai:

Oruvanaam unnai oLithu evar varuvaar
un soodhe idhu Arunachala.

You are the one without a second, the sole, Real Being, O Arunachala.  Who can hide from you and come in here?  If
strangers come, it is with your knowledge and plan (to test me).  All this is but your jugglery!

Yes, the Self within is one without a second.  But our mind does
not stay with the Self.  It jumps out and takes with it one or more of the five senses and do all the trickery.  Unless this is overcome, the idea that I am the body (and also the mind) will never be overcome.

Arunachala Siva.