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ULLadu Narpadu - 19
« on: April 04, 2010, 11:29:04 AM »
Murugnar continues in GVK about the worship and surrender
which is said in the second invocatory verse of ULLadu Narpadu.

Verse 520:-  Enthroning the Lord upon the seat of the Heart and
fixing the whole mind at his feet, worship him as your own Self,
without a sense of difference, because he is your own Swarupa.
You should know that this true worship, performed naturally and
without a break, is the fair nature of divine silence.

Verse 521:-  Clinging to that pure state (turiya or suddha), which
remains without any attachments, is clinging to the divine grace.
This alone is one's own state of mauna (mental worship) wherein
naught else exists.  To know and to merge in this state of silence
through Vichara, and to remain always as That, is true mental worship.  This you should know.

Verse 522:-  Those who engage in an acrimonious war of words,
claiming either that fate is more powerful than the human effort,
or that human effort is more powerful than fate, have no knowledge whatsoever of the place of their arising and subsidence.

(This is also explained by Bhagavan in ULLadu Narpadu, Verse 19)

Verse 523:-  Instead of merging in the clear state of mauna by
enquiring and subtly experiencing in the Heart, the reality, some
people jump up angrily, mouthing arguments that refute other
religions and substantiate their own creed, merely as a display
of debating prowess.

Verse 524:-  It is the very nature of disputation to cloud the mind
with concepts that obstruct the shining of truth, thereby throwing the
mind into a dizzying whirl.  Therefore, no one will know that sun,
the Self, by troubling himself with an intellect that is skilled in

Verse 660:-  Heart, you who, experiencing love for Lord Siva,
perform worship to the form of the Lord both inwardly and outwardly!
You should perform that worship with an ever-mindful awareness
that the presence of Siva is everywhere, as the all-embracing consciosness.

Verse 661:-  If a person worships a Siva-Yogi daily, with regularity,
his attention will become one pointed, enquiry will arise in the heart
as a consequence of which, he will abide firmly in the Self, becoming
pure consciousness, and the illusion of the malady of birth will
fly away.

Verse 662:-  If the observences your practise, which are done without
deviating from the injunctions enunciated in the scriptures, do not
bestow on you, without any lack, genuine one pointed devotion
to the feet of the Lord, you should know that all your toil is in vain.

Verse 664:-  Remain in close proximity to God's grace, disregarding
both the world and the next, perfectly and patiently enduring all
impediments, without the mind yielding, however slightly, to whatever afflictions may come.

Verse 665:-   For the highest ranked sadhus, who live their lives
by taking their sole taret the shining feet of Lord Siva, it is better
to be objects of great pity on this world stage than to be objects
of envy.

Verse 666:- You should know that in each and every universe the
five activities performed by Iswara, (pancha krityam) through his
will, is law and his plan, take place in an orderly way, unceasingly,
at each and every moment.

(The five divine functions are, creation, preservation, destruction,
veiling and bestowing grace.  Mother Lalita is prayed as Panchkritya parayana in Sri Lalita Sahasranamam.  Bhagavan also mentions about Pancha krityam of the Lord in Who am I?)

(All English rendering of verses of Muruganar are from David Godman's translation.)

Arunachala Siva.