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ULLadu Narpadu - 17
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Muruganar also covers the idea of surrender and devotion in a few
verses, in Guru Vachaka Kovai:

Verse 468:-  When Draupadi, the chaste woman, gave up her
hold on her sari and raised her palms together over hear head,
praying "Krishna, you alone are my refuge now," through the sweet
grace of Lord Krishna, the enchanter upon this good earth, the sari
protecting her honour grew endlessly, and the strong and wicked
Duchasana fell down exhausted, as if paralysed.

Muruganar's comments:  Through the power of her surrender Draupadi's
sari grew endlessly and her honour was protected.  As long as she
relied on her own strength, grace did not manifest.

Talks No. 101 runs like this:

A gentleman from Ambala asked:  What is the rationalistic explanations of Draupadi's sari becoming endless?

Bhagavan:  Spiritual matters cannot be fitted into rationalism.
Spirituality is transcendental.  The miracle was after Draupadi
had surrendered herself.  The secret lies in surrender.

Verse 469:-  For those, who like an innocent baby, have gained
refuge at the feet of the Father (Siva) by relying, not on their
own strength, but on that of the Mother chit-sakti (the power
of consciousness), it is natural to abide in the service of God
(Irai Pani Nittral) by destroying the sense of doership that has
arisen through the "I am the body" idea tha is associated with
the stain of maya.

Verse 470:-  God who has this day provided you with food (and
other necessities) will, in a perfect way, do so forever.  Hence,
live by casting all your burdens at his feet, without entertaining
thoughts of tomorrow or the future.

Verse 471:-  Be aware that abidance in union (yoga nishta),
the excellent tapas performed with the intention "Let me become
an instrument for Siva to redeem the world", causes an obstacle
to complete self surrender, the supreme state of abiding in the
service of God.

Bhagavan has said in Padamalai:  Banish even the thought "I am
a fit instrument for Him" and remain still (summa iru)

Verse 477:-  God will grant himself here and now to whomsoever
offers himself to God.  Only he who has lost himself and whose
consciousness has taken the form of That (Brahman) will revel
in the experience of the pure, unchanging and eternal Sivam.

Muruganar quotes here, the words of Saint Arunagiri Narha,
from Kandar Anubhuti, Verse 2.  He also quotes here the
famous Tiruvachakam verse, from Kovil Tirupadigam, Verse 10.

This emphasizes the little-known truth that supreme devotion
(para bhakti) and Jnana arise at the same time.

Verse 482:-  The meaning of offering the soul to God is not giving
scope for the rising of other thoughts, which are prompted by
previously accumulated vasanas, in a heart that has meditated
with love on Atma Swarupa, the real nature of God.

(See also Who am I? of Bhagavan Ramana here)

Verse 483:-  Completely abandon your own will through the attitude
of mind, "Your wish is my wish".  Cherish this alone as the self-
surrender in which the outcaste ego, the original veiling whose
existence depends primarily on your own will, is no more.

(Bhagavan used the phrase:  Nin Ishtam, En Ishtam.)

Verse 487:- Abandon your mind unconditionally at the feet of
him (Siva) who shares his form with the Lady (Uma).  Then as
the "I" that investigates the false dies away, along with (the concept)
of "mine", the powerful Supreme Self will unfold fully and flourish

Arunachala Siva.