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ULLadu Narpadu - 15
« on: April 03, 2010, 11:27:37 AM »
Padamalai verses of Muruganar on the second benedictory verse

Verse 683:-  How does a god benefit by worship directed to him?
The benefit is only for the worshipper.

Verse 1394:-  To enquire resolutely into one's own real nature
in the Heart is to meditate unceasingly upon the feet of the Lord.

Verse 2442:-  Only the annihilation of mind that results from the
destruction of vasanas is proper, unceasing worship of Siva-Padam.

Verse 1785:-  The worship of divine forms will completely destroy
the ego, the I-am-the-body conceit.

In the same context, one can see the Sri Ramana Gita, Chapter 16, Verses 5,6, and 7 :-

(Bhagavan)  When the devotee, regarding himself as a separate,
limited individual of poor understanding, and desirous of deliverance
from suffering, takes the omnipresent supreme reality to be some
deity and worships it, even then he attains in the end That alone.
O best of men, one who attributes names and forms to the deity,
through those very names and forms, transcends all names and

Verse 2317:-  Unless the hard mind softens, melts and dissolves,
what benefit will chanting (of devotional texts) bestow on the Jiva?

Verse 510:-  Preventing the accumulation of dark tamas, Padam
engendering bright sattva in the hearts of those whose righteous
tongues sing the names of God.

Maharshi's Gospel:-

Question:  How should I carry on nama-japa (repetition of the name)?

Bhagavan:  One should not use the name of God mechanically and
superficially without the feeling of devotion.  To use the name of
God one must call upon Him with yearning and unreservedly
surrender oneself to Him. Only after such surrender is he name of
God constantly with the man.

Verse 2867:-  Worship directed towards form of God, also reaches
the realm of the formelss Self, Padam.

Verse 2263:-  Perform Japa in your heart with true love until it
become ajapa.

The conversation of a devotee with Bhagavan:

Q:  How many times do I have to repeat the mantra in order
to attain realization?

Bhagavan:  You must go on repeating until the consciousness
that you are doing it, disappears. Then you realize that you
are not repeating the mantra.  In that state, the mantra repeats
itself without your effort.  That is sahaja-sthiti.  That is realization.

Arunachala Siva.