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ULLadu Narpadu - 16
« on: April 03, 2010, 11:46:47 AM »
Padamalai verses of Muruganar on the second benedictory verse,

Under Verse 2263:-

As regards, mantra japa, Bhagavan also pointed out that the true
ajapa was "I", "I" since the Self manifests itself as "I", "I" in the

Letters from Sri Ramanasramam, dated 23.5.1947:-

Bhagavan:  The Self will by itself be repeating always 'aham, aham,'
"I", "I".  That is ajapa.  To know that aspect is ajapa.  How could
that which is repeated by mouth be ajapa?  The vision of the
real Self which performs japa of its own accord involuntarily and
in a never-ending stream, like the flowing down continuously of
ghee, is ajapa, gayatri and everything.

Question:  Is there then no benefit at all in doing japa with the

Bhagavan:  Who said no?  That will be the means for chitta suddhi
and as the japa is done repeatedly the effort ripens and sooner
or later to the right path.

Verse 1765:-  Through grace, Padam ensures that there is never
any danger to hose who remain in their heart, meditating Sivaya

Verse 831:-  The mantra Sivaya Nama on which you meditate
will reveal itself within  your heart to be your father and mother.

(Father is Siva, the Sat and Mother is Sakti, the Chit, Consciousness.)

Verse 2481:-  The mind that does Japa Siva, Siva. will later
automatically lose itself in ajapa.

Verse 2581:-  The state in which the heart is firmly established
in Sivam, will arise when the heart dwells unceasingly upon
the Panchakshari, (Sivaya Nama or Nama Sivaya, five lettered

Nama Sivaya  - Sthula Panchkasharam, the gross Panchaksharam.
Sivaya Nama  - Sukshuma Panchakshram, the subtle Panchaksharam.
Siva, Siva - Two headed Ruby.
SivayaSiva - Ruby with a treasure within.  'ya' in between denotes
Siva  -  Paripoorna Mantram -  the Complete Mantram.
Si -  Naayotti Mantram -  This is paribhasha i.e inner meaning,
                   "Si" is the word with which one drives out a dog.
                    So, it is called Nay(dog) otti (driving) mantram!

Bhagavan Ramana has given the mantra Siva, Siva to Muruganar,
Annamalai Swami, Rangan and to a Harijan.

(All Padamalai Verses have been from David Godman's English

Arunachala Siva.