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ULLadu Narpadu - 13
« on: April 03, 2010, 10:30:51 AM »
Padamalai verses regarding surrender and devotion continue:

Verse 109:-  "Whatever happens, let it happen; whatever does
not happen, let it not happen."  A mind with this attitude will be
well established in the Self.

(Bhagavan Ramana said the same thing to Mother Azhagamma when
she had pleaded Him to come back to Madurai.)

Verse 2346:-  Since surrender to God, which bestows eminence
on the Jiva, is something that ought to be done, one should not
waste time by neglecting to do it.

In Talks No. 244, Bhagavan says:

Bhagavan:  Surrender, and all will be well.  Throw all the responsibility on God.  Do not bear the burden yourself.
What can destiny do to you then?

Question:  Surrender is impossible.

Bhagavan:  Yes.  Complete surrender is impossible in the
beginning.  Partial surrender is certainly possible for all.
In course of time, that will lead to complete surrender.  Well,
if surrender is impossible, what can be done?  There is no
peace of mind.  You are helpless to bring it about.  It can be
done only by surrender.

Verse 1706:-  The hearts of those who have not united with the
state of the omnipotent Lord, which is grace, will never attain

Verse 235:-  Padam (God) questions:  "When the burden of this
world, created by myself, is for me alone, why should you have 
that thought?"

Verse 904:  It is God, who manages and protects the many
worlds.  The imagining of Jivas, who are just a multitude of
reflections, that they are bearing the burden of the world is a farce.

(This is also said in Ulladu Narpadu - Supplement, Verse 17.)

Verse 231:-  Banish even the thought "I am a fit instrument for
Him" and remain still, (summa iru)

Verse 1110:-  By offering the good mind at the auspicious feet
of God, perfect and never diminishing bliss will be obtained.

Verse 659:-  Bliss comes to you by sweet grace, through self-
surrender, you perform lovingly in the heart.

Talks No. 271, the conversation is as under:

Question:  How is Grace to be obtained?

Bhagavan: Similar to obtaining the Self.

Question:  Practically, how is it to be for us?

Bhagavan:  By self-surrender.

Question:  Grace was said to be the Self.  Should I then surrender
to my own Self?

Bhagavan:  Yes.  To the one from whom grace is sought. God,
Guru and Self are only different forms of the same.

Question:  Please explain, so that I may understand.

Bhagavan:  So long as you think you are the individual, you
believe in God.  On worshipping God, God appears to you as
Guru. On serving the Guru, he manifests as the Self.  this is the

Arunachala Siva.