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ULLadu Narpadu - 11
« on: April 03, 2010, 09:20:58 AM »
Sri Lakshmana Sarma gives his meaning for the second invocatory
verse as follows:

Men of pure minds who, intensely fear death, surrender themselves
unto the Lord of all, the blissful One, the indwelling Self, who is
free from death and birth.  By that (surrender) their ego, along with
their attachments, becomes extinguished.  How can they, having
won abode in Immortality, have any thought of death?

In Sri Ramana Paravidyopanishad, Sarma further clarifies with
the following verses in that book.

V 17:-  If one, from fear of flood of births and deaths, takes refuge
in God, then ignorance will cease by His Grace alone, and then
he will become established in the true state of the Self.
(This self surrender is the final stage of practice of devotion,
which is dealt with in the next verse.)

V 18:-  The wise call by the name 'self surrender' the offering
of oneself to God through devotion.  Hence the seeker of deliverance
must practice devotion to God, which is described as nine fold
consisting of listening and the rest.

(The nine-fold or nava-vidha bhakti is explained in Srimad

V 225:-  Devotion is taught as of two kinds, according to the
degree of ripeness of the devotee.  In the beginning, it is devotion
like that of the baby-monkey, and afterwards devotion like
that of the kitten.

V 226:-  After practicing devotion like that of the baby monkey
through a great many lives, in the end, when his egoism is greatly
reduced, he practices devotion like the kitten. 

V 227:-  The devotion that is like the kitten is the same as taking
refuge at the feet of God and self-surrender to Him.  This devotion,
becoming further purified by the refinement of the mind, becomes equal to Right Awareness in course of time.

V 228:-  There is the saying of the Most Holy One, that real
surrender is what is made by Him that knows the Truth of
Himself by the quest of that Self.

V 229:-   Devotion is of two kinds, also, as being with sense of
separateness and with sense of non-difference.  The former is
prescribed for the unrefined, the latter is excellent for the well-
refined ones.  (Anya bhakti and Ananya bhakti).

Arunachala Siva.