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ULLadu Narpadu - 6
« on: April 02, 2010, 09:27:14 AM »
Let us see a few places in which Muruganar comments on the
first benedictory verse of ULLadu Narpadu, in his magnum-opus
Guru Vachaka Kovai.

Verse 435 GVK:

The Heart is the consciousness that exists as mere being.  It
does not rise as "I" and go out to know the sense-objects, the
non-Self.  To the consciousness that remains still without objectifying, the truth itself shines spontaneously.  Therefore,
to hold onto that Heart, which is consciousness, as the target,
and to remain firmly established in it, without any movement,
is the shining of Pure Being.

Muruganar'ss comments:  That which is said to be the Heart is
Atma-Swarupa.  The implication is that Atmanishta (abidance
in and as the Self) alone is Atma-Jnana.

"Could there be a being-consciousness existing apart from that
which (eternally) is?  Since the Reality exists in the Heart, free
of thought, who could meditate upon that Reality, called the
Heart?  Know that to remain within the Heart, as it is, is truly
to meditate (upon the Heart)."

Verse 473 of GVK:

God abides in the heart of everyone, as the Heart, silently
enabling, through his mere presence, all the things tht should
be done for everyone in the way that they have been ordained.
If we therefore also remain in our source, the Heart, thought-free
and without slipping from it, and merged with his Swarupa that is
also the Heart, whatever is to happen to us will happen without
any impediment.

Muruganar's further comments:

God's name is "Heart" (ULLam).  How it came about is explained
in the first benedictory verse of ULLadu Narpadu.

Bhagavan:  As reality exists free of thought, in the Heart, realityh is termed "the Heart" {ULLam}

(Translation of GVK verses, by David Godman).

Arunachala Siva.