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Jagadish Swami Day - 02.04.2010
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I think by Jagadish Swami, the Asramam refers to Jagadisha Sastri.

Jagadisha Sastri was a distinguished Sanskrit scholar, whose association with Bhagavan Ramana went back to the days when
Bhagavan was living in Virupaksha Cave.  He told me (Chhoganlal
V. Yogi) the following two stories neither of which has been recorded
before, when I met him years later in Bombay.

In the early years of this century Jagadisha Sastri went to see Bhagavan in Virupaksha Cave to listen to Him, giving a spiritual talk.  Everyone was so engrossed in listening, no one was aware
of the passage of time.  As the talk did not end till well after midnight, Jagadisha Sastri decided to sleep in front of the cave instead of returning to town.  This was a brave act because in those days there were still wild animals on the Hill.

Around 2 a.m. Bhagavan began to feel concerned about his safety.
He went out of the cave and put a pinch of snuff up the nose of
Jagadisha Sastri, who was snoring in deep sleep.  He woke up
in an extremely startled state and began to sneeze repeatedly.
Bhagavan  began to laugh because he found the repeated sneeze very amusing.  Jagadisha said that He laughed so hard, the mountain was reverberating with the noise. 

When He had managed to stop laughing, He told Jagadisha Sastri, very affectionately, "You were sleeping so soundly.  Don't you know that this is not a house but a hill?  It is the home of wild animals and here their kingdom prevails.  Suppose some tiger were to come here?  What would happen to you?  Go and sleep inside the cave."

Jagadisha told me that he was so sleepy that he stumbled inside the cave and immediately fell asleep again.  On hearing this story it did not surprise me that Bhagavan had shown such concern towards one of His devotees.  However, though I know that He laughed and joked a lot and enjoyed playing games with devotees' children, I was astonished hat His humour had erupted in such a mischievous and child-like way in the middle of the night.

Many years laer, when Jagadisha Sastri and I were walking down a street together in Bombay, it occurred to me that I had never seen him wear any kind of footwear.  The black tar roads of the city get very hot in summer and I found it hard to believe that anyone could walk comfortably on them without wearing sandals or shoes.

I turned to him and asked:  "Sastriji, you feet must have got burned a lot, walking on these roads?  Isn't that so?"

"No, no," he answered.  "I have already got ravi raksha (protection from the sun) from Bhagavan.  I may walk in any amount of heat but nothing ever happens to me."

I naturally asked, "How did you get this ravi raksha?"

By way of an answer, Sastriji told me a long story.

"One day right in the middle of the afternoon, Bhagavan took His kamandalu (water pot), got up and told me, "Jagadish, come with me to walk on the mountain."

"But it is so hot," I protested.  "How can you move about in such weather?"  I argued like this because I wanted to escape from the trip.

" Bhagavan found my excuse unsatisfactory.  "You can move about in just the same way that I move about," He said.

"But my feet will burn!" I exclaimed.  I didn't have any footwear with me and I didn't relish the idea of walking about over the burning rocks."

"Will my feet not burn as well?" replied Bhagavan, obviously feeling that this was not a serious obstacle.  Bhagavan never wore any kind of footwear.  He could walk on the toughest terrain in any weather without feeling the least discomfort."

"But yours is a different case," I answered, alluding to the fact that Bhagavan never needed any footwear.

"Why, Am I not a man with two feet, just like you?" asked Bhagavan.  "Why are you unnecessarily scared?  Come on! Get up!"

"Having realised that it was useless to argue any more, I got p and started walking with Bhagavan.  The exposed stones had become so hot because of the severe heat of the sun, wlaking on thyem made my feet burn.

"For sometime, I bore the suffering, but when it became unbearable, I cried out, "Bhagavan, my feet are burning so much!  On all sides it is raining fire!"

"Bhagavan was impressed, "Why are you so scared?  He asked.

"If I remain in this terrible heat for any more time," I replied, "my head will crack open because of the heat and I will definitely die!"  I was not joking, I really was afraid of dying.

"Bhagavan smiled and said in a very quiet and deep voice:  "Jagadish give up your fear and listen.  You must have bhavana (mental conviction and attitude) that you are the sun.  Start doing Japa of the mantra Suryosmi ( I am the sun) with the conviction that it is really true.  You will soon see the effect of it.
You yourself will become Ssurya Swarupa, that is, you will have
all the characteristics of the sun.  Can the sun feel the heat of the

"I followed this instruction of Bhagavan and started doing the Japa
of this sun mantra because there was no other way to be saved
from the burning heat.  In a short time, I started to feel the effect of this Japa.  The severity of the heat began to lessen and eventually I began to experience, instead of severe heat, a pleasing coolness.  As the feeling of burning diminished, I found that I was
able to walk quickly alongside Bhagavan.  By the time, we had both reached Skandasramam, I found that my feet were not at all burnt
as I had continued the mantra japa right up till the end of the walk."

"Later, I was astonished to discover that the effect of chanting this mantra was permanent.  Though I no longer chant it, I have never
again suffered from the heat of the sun.  I can now walk in summer
on the tar roads of a city like Bombay with bare feet."

(Source:  The Power of the Presence, Volume 1, David Godman.)

Arunachala Siva.