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Listening to Guru's words
« on: March 31, 2010, 03:30:44 PM »
Sri Ramamani, the former editor of Mountain Path, has said a
few interesting reminiscences about Bhagavan Ramana.  Once
Oruganti Venkata Krishnayya, went to the Hall to take leave for
his journey to Nellore.  Normally, Bhagavan Ramana would say
Okay or give some suggestions, the latter meaning that the devotee
could go a little later.  On that evening, Bhagavan Ramana merely
told Venkata Krishnayya:  Please take your food and proceed. 
Krishnayya felt that it would be late for the train and so he left
immediately to the entrance towards Jutka.  The Jutka driver
without hearing Krishnayya's instructions, went away from the
Railway station road towards giri pradakshina!  After giri pradakshina,
Krishnayya was left in the Railway station.  The train had already
left and he was to catch the next train.  He went to the Railway
Canteen and asked for some water.  Water was not available.
Then he caught the next train and alighted at Katpadi for changing
the trains.  At Katpadi, due to some mysterious reason, no food
or drink was available!  He changed the train to Nellore and then
reached his home, fully hungry.  But at the home, there was some
Sraddha (annual ceremonies for forefathers), and no food was
given to him, till the late afternoon.  This was the third day!

He understood how important it is to lisen to Guru's words.

On a similar occasion, G.V. Subbaramaiah was not given specific
consent to go back to his hometown and GVS listened to Bhagavan's
words and accordingly left on the third day.  If he had left on the
day he had chosen, he might have met with some unrest on the
way due to which trains had been terribly delayed.

(Source: Video interview of Sri Ramamani, as done by Asramam.)

Arunachala Siva.