Author Topic: The Self, the mind and the world  (Read 1256 times)


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The Self, the mind and the world
« on: March 31, 2010, 10:28:53 AM »
A few Padamalai verses, showing the Reality of the Self and the
unreality of the world appearance.  (Tr. David Godman):

Verse 341:

All that appears is merely a manifestation of Atma
Swarupa.  To gain this from conviction, know the nature of the
Self well.   

Verse 394:

Work ceaselessly to establish your mind in the Self, the Supreme
Space and, perceiving the external world as a mere appearance,
conduct yourself accordingly.

Verse 774:

Separate from the real nature of the Self, the non-dual reality,
what dualistic scenes can appear, and how?

Verse 886:

Regarding the mirage-water as water that is in a pond full of blossoming lotuses, and then attempting to get water from it,
is foolish ignorance.

Verse 985:

Oh, why do the dull-witted and mad people of the world wander
about aimlessly, paying attention to the empty and useless creations of the mind?

Verse 1016:

The world appearance within your own Self, very much as the
colour blue appears in the sky.

Verse 1200:

If the world is real, then it will be incorrect to claim that the
Consciousness that perceives the world is a delusory one.

Verse 1894:

Since the world ceases to appear when the body is absent, he
world is not other than the body.

Verse 1895:

It is an illusion to attribute abundance of being to world that is seen as separate from the mind that sees it.

Verse 2068:

When a false pretence say that this world, an impermanent reflection consisting of sense perceptions, is real!       

(Source:  Padamalai, Tamil, Muruganar.  English rendering by
David Godman.  The number of verses given is as per the original
Tamil work.)

Arunachala Siva.