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Panchadasi - (22)
« on: August 19, 2008, 05:48:51 PM »
The chapter VI continues...

Verse 182:-  The Lord is said to be the source of the  universe,
for He causes the creation and dissolution of the world.  By
creation and dissolution are meant the manifestation and
demanifesatation of the world.

Verse 184:-  If painted canvas is rolled up, the picture is
no longer visible.  In the same way, when the karma of
beings is exhausted, the Lord withdraws into Himself the
universe with all that it contains (that is, all remain in latent form).

Verse 185:-  The creation and dissolution of the world are
comparable to day and night, to the waking and sleeping states,
to the opening and closing of the eyes, and activity and quiescence
of the mind.

Verse 187:-  Isvara though the tamas of Maya is the cause of the
inanimate objects, and through the reflection of the supreme
intelligence, Isvara is the cause of the Jivas.

Verse 195:-  By deep enquiry and by the application of the rules
of interpretation to the Vedic texts, we come to know that
Brahman is association-less and unconditioned by Maya, whereas
Isvara is he creator conditoned by Maya.

Verse 210:-  The liberation, however, can be obtained through
the knowledge of Reality and not otherwise.  The dreaming does
not end until the dreamer awakes.

Verse 211:-  In the secondless principle, Brahman, the whole
universe, in the form of Isvara and Jiva, and all animate and
inanimate objects, appears like a dream.

Versse 214:-  Those who do not know the nature of Brahman, who
is secondless and unconditioned fruitlessly quarrel over Jiva and
Isvara, which are creations of Maya.

Verse 217:-  All those logicians who do not know the truth
of the secondless Brahman, will quarrel and they are all wrong.
Where is their liberation or where is their job or where is their
joy in the world?

Verse 219:-  Therefore, the aspirants to Brahman, should
never engage themselves in disputation about the nature
of Jiva and Isvara.  They ought to practise discrimination
and realize the Reality of Brahman.

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Panchadasi - (22)
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The difference between Jiva and Eswara is in the adjuncts they possess says Bhagawan.