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Kitty Osborne
« on: March 21, 2010, 10:33:57 AM »
Lucia Osborne came to Tiruvannamalai, with her three children, almost
three years before even Osborne could come.  Osborne, though a teacher
in Siam (Cambodia) was imprisoned along with British soldiers, since he
was British. 

Kitty the cute little child of Osbornes, came to the Hall one morning,
with a bag of fruits.  Being the first Westerner to come, the devotees
were curiously looking at her.  Mother and other kids were yet to enter.
She saw the stool, kept for placing offerings to Bhagavan.  She did not
know what to do.  She simply sat on the stool with her bag of fruits,
looking at the devotees!

Bhagavan Ramana said smilingly:  "See, see.  She is offering herself
to Bhagavan!"  This is the highest form of self surrender.  Great saint-
poets have sung their songs only for this attainment. 

Saint Manikkavachagar says in Tiruvachakam, Tiru Padai Atchi, the Holy
Army's Rule:  " This world itself is not going to stand.  Let the people
stand in this unstable world.  Let us all go to Siva-puram, (Kailas or
Siva-Consciousness).  The doors are open.  Let us not delay.  If someone
hesitates (saying that I shall tell my wife and come!), He would become
rare to get!  Let us go and hold his golden feet!"

On the Tsunami day, when Pondycherry and Madras got very high tides
entering the cities into 2 kms, people rushed to Tiruvannamalai, far away
from the ocean.  There were 3000 people before the noon.  People rushed
to the Old Hall, and there was no place in the Hall to enter!  All of them
were fed on that noon.  The Asramam arranged for bags of rice cooked
and distributed mixed rice and vegetables and buttermilk for all of them!
The Old Hall is the Source, the refuge of all, who are scared of death.......
because the Presence of Siva, who kicked god of death, is there.

Arunachala Siva.