Author Topic: Few Imp Translated Verses from Sadhanai Saram  (Read 1183 times)


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Few Imp Translated Verses from Sadhanai Saram
« on: March 17, 2010, 12:59:38 PM »
After Bhagavan Sri Ramana cast off His mortal body in 1950, many of His devotees from both India and abroad gradually came to recognize Sri Sadhu Om Swamigal, not only as one of the foremost disciples of Sri Bhagavan, but also as a person endowed with a rare gift to elucidate His teachings in a clear and simple manner which could easily be understood and followed in practice by all seekers of true knowledge.

Following are translations of some verses from Sadhanai Saram, a Tamil work of Sri Sadhu Om.

Do not perform any action thinking ‘It should be done by me’. Nothing is done by you, (for) you are simply nothing ! By knowing this first, if you avoid the rising of doership, then everything will be done well by Him and your peace will remain undisturbed !

When scrutinizing ‘What is real?’, nothing in the world is (found to be) real; Self alone is real (satyam).Therefore, let us renounce everything and ever remain unshakably as the reality (sat). This alone is the service enjoined upon us by Sri Ramana, our eternal Lord!

To say, “He is great, he is a Jnani, I know”, is wrong.Even to say. “All are Jnanis”, is wrong, because seeing as if many people exist is a sign of ignorance (ajnana).There is only one who exists, and That is you. Thus should you know!

Therefore, if the thought again rises in you to know whether someone is a Jnani or an ajnani immediately reject it and be keen in fixing your attention, through the enquiry ‘Who am I?’, on the source from which that thought had risen.

Doubts can rise only about the existence of things other than oneself; no doubt can rise about the existence of oneself, If one’s existence is mistaken to be the body’s existence, then doubts will rise about the world and God (which come into existence only when the wrong,identification ‘I am the body’ rises); if one’s existence is known to be Self, the sale existence, no doubt will rise !

Until this primal doubt is cleared, replying to your other doubts will be just like cutting the leaves off the branches of a tree, because they will sprout again and again! But if the root is cut, they will not sprout again!

Remembering once the name of God with an unwavering (one-pointed) mind is more valuable than doing a thousand crores of Japa with a wandering mind.To call upon God even once by (mentally or vocally uttering) His name with full-hearted love is more valuable than doing a thousand crores of japa with a quiet (one-pointed) mind.

Source: The Path of Sri Ramana PART ONE The Jñana aspect of the teaching By Sri Sadhu Om