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Panchadasi - (17)
« on: August 19, 2008, 02:24:59 PM »
The chapter VI continues....

Verse 73:-  The intelect sheath is the Self.  The whole world
is cognized by it, and birth and death, pleasure and pain,
affect it.  So say some Vedic texts.

Verse 74:- The intellect is momentary like the flashes of
lightning in a cloud or the twinkling of an eye, and that
because we know of no other Self beyond the intellect, the Self
is nothing or void.  So say, Madhamika Buddhists.

Verse 75:- Quoting the Sruti, "In the beginning all this was
non-existent (Asat), the Buddhists say that perception and
the objects of perception are the creation of illusion.

Verse 76:-  The Vedantins refute them by saying that there
can be no illusion without a substratum which is not an
illusion.  The existence of Atman must be admitted.  Even
the void has a witness; if not, it would be impossible to say,
"There is a void".

Verse 77:-  The Vedic view, say the Naiyayikas, is that
beyond the intellect-sheath, there is yet another sheath,
the bliss-sheath.  It is existing (not something that does not exist).

Verse 78:-  Other philosphers, recognizing the authority of Srutis,
still dispute vaiously as to whether the Atman is atomic in size or
all-pervasive or something between the two.

Verse 83:-  They state that Atman becomes subtle and enters
ito the finest capillaries, as the arms of a man slip into the
sleeves of a coat.

Verse 86:- So the Atman is neither atomic nor of medium size,
but is infinite, partless and like Space, all pervasive.  This view
accords with the Sruti.

Verse 92:-  In this life, subject to action, Atman sometimes
experiences happiness; so too, when it takes birth in other
bodies, desire etc., arise due to karma.

Verse 103:-  The Sruti declares that Isvara is the Lord of Jivas.
And also of Prakrti.  He controls the gunas(characters) too.
In the Aranyaka part of the Sruti, He is respectfully called
the Inner Controller.

Verse 104:-  Here too, there are many philosphers, who by
their arguments maintain different views about Isvara.  They
quote suitable texts from the Sruti and interpret them according
to their light.

Verse 121:-  So every entity from the Inner Ruler to inert
objects is considered as Isvara by someone or other, for
we find that even the sacred fig tree, the sun-plant and
the bamboo etc., are worshipped by the people as family

Verse 122:-  Those who are desirous of ascertaining the real
truth, study the Sruti and logic.  Their conclusion is the same,
that Isvara is one only and this fact we have set forth in this

to be contd...

Arunachala Siva.           


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Re: Panchadasi - (17)
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The intellectual sheath is the seer "I"(Jnatha) i.e object knowing consciousness.