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Swami Vivekananda says This world is neither good nor evil
« on: March 12, 2010, 01:27:28 PM »
THE CLAIMS OF RELIGION (Sunday, 5th January)
Volume 4, Lectures and Discourses

This world is neither good nor evil. It is the Lord's world. It is beyond both good and evil, perfect in itself. His will is going on, showing all these different pictures; and it will go on without beginning and without end. It is a great gymnasium in which you and I, and millions of souls must come and get exercises, and make ourselves strong and perfect. This is what it is for.

Not that God could not make a perfect universe; not that He could not help the misery of the world. You remember the story of the young lady and the clergyman, who were both looking at the moon through the telescope, and found the moon spots. And the clergyman said, "I am sure they are the spires of some churches." "Nonsense," said the young lady, "I am sure they are the young lovers kissing each other." So we are doing with this world. When we are inside, we think we are seeing the inside. According to the plane of existence in which we are, we see the universe. Fire in the kitchen is neither good nor bad. When it cooks a meal for you, you bless the fire, and say, "How good it is!" And when it burns your finger, you say, "What a nuisance it is!" It would be equally correct and logical to say: This universe is neither good nor evil. The world is the world, and will be always so. If we open ourselves to it in such a manner that the action of the world is beneficial to us, we call it good.

What again is the goal of mankind? Is it happiness, sensuous pleasure? They used to say in the olden time that in heaven they will play on trumpets and live round a throne; in modern time I find that they think this ideal is very weak, and they have improved upon it and say that they will have marriages and all these things there. If there is any improvement in these two things, the second is an improvement for the worse. All these various theories of heaven that are being put forward show weakness in the mind. And that weakness is here: First, they think that sense happiness is the goal of life. Secondly they cannot conceive of anything that is beyond the five senses.

Now comes the question: Can religion really do anything? It can.

Babies think that the happiness of the senses is the highest thing they can have. Most of you know that there is a keener enjoyment in man in the intellect than in the senses. No one of you can feel the same pleasure in eating as a dog does. You can mark that. Where does the pleasure come from in man? Not that whole-souled enjoyment of eating that the pig or the dog has. See how the pig eats. It is unconscious of the universe while it is eating; its whole soul is bound up in the food. It may be killed but it does not care when it has food. Think of the intense enjoyment that the pig has! No man has that. Where is it gone? Man has changed it into intellectual enjoyment. The pig cannot enjoy religious lectures. That is one step higher and keener yet than intellectual pleasures, and that is the spiritual plane, spiritual enjoyment of things divine, soaring beyond reason and intellect. To procure that we shall have to lose all these sense-enjoyments. This is the highest utility. Utility is what I enjoy, and what everyone enjoys, and we run for that.

We find that man enjoys his intellect much more than an animal enjoys his senses, and we see that man enjoys his spiritual nature even more than his rational nature. So the highest wisdom must be this spiritual knowledge. With this knowledge will come bliss. All these things of this world are but the shadows, the manifestations in the third or fourth degree of the real Knowledge and Bliss.



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Re: Swami Vivekananda says This world is neither good nor evil
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2010, 01:47:00 PM »

Dear prasanth,

Muruganar says in Guru Vachaka Kovai:-

Verse 880:  The infinite Eye is only being-consciousness.  As it has no
fraction within itself, nothing whatsoever exists in its perspective
to be known as 'another'.  It is devoid of the vision of the pairs
of opposites such as good and evil, and also devoid of space, time,
cause, effect, karma, and so on.

Good and Bad actions:

Verse 570:  An ignorant person thinks, through the delusion I-am-
the-body, that an individual 'I' exists separate from God, the complete and utter fullness.  So long as he believes himself to be an individual, it has to be accepted that he will alternately perform good and bad
actions, through the ego-feeling, I-am-the-doer and will necessarily receive and experience their results in the form of joy and misery.

God and Evil karmas: 

Verse 276:  The demeaning good and evil karma of devotees, originates from activities prompted by the desire and aversion that
arise through vasanas.  He alone is the true Guru who dispels their
suffering and bestows the bliss of liberation, upon those who,
tossed about by the power of their karma, seek refuge in him.

Good and Bad Mind:
Verse 841: The practice of labelling a mind as either good or bad
is only based on the auspicious or inauspicious vasanas that dominate it.  But you should know that the mind that conducts itself in two
different ways, good and bad, is only one mind, to those who
know it as it really is.

[This is also said by Bhagavan Ramana in Who am I?]

[Tr. GVK verses - David Godman.]

Arunachala Siva.