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Panchadasi - (13)
« on: August 19, 2008, 12:50:49 PM »
The Chapter VI:-

The Chapter VI is called Chitra Deepa, or the Lamp of the Picture

Verse 1:-  As there are four stages in the painting of a picture,
so there are four stages in the modfication of the Supreme Self.

Verse 2:-  In a picture, we have the clean canvas, stiffening
with starch, drawing of the outlines and the application of
colour.  In the case of the Self, there are correspondingly,
the Pure Consciousness, the indwelling consciousness, the
one identifed with the totality of all the subtle bodies, and
the that with totality of all the physical bodies.

Verse 4:-  Brahman by nature is Pure Consciousness, with
Maya, He is called the indwelling spirit, in the relation to
the subtle bodies, He is the totality of souls identifying Himself
with them,  and in relation to the gross bodies, He is again the
one identifying Himself with their totality.

Verse 7:- On consciousness are superimposed various forms.
In each of them there is a reflection, that is, a special function
of consciousness.  They are known as the Jivas, individual souls,
and are subject to the process of birth and death.

Verse 8:-  Ignorant people imagine that the colours representing
the clothess of the figures in the picture are real clothes as
real as the canvas on which the picture is superimposed.
Similarly, the ignorant imagine that the transmigrations of the
Jivas are undergone by the Supreme Spirit, the substratum,
on which the Jivas are superimposed.

Verse 10:-  The confusion of considering this transmigration,
with the attendant pain and pleasure, as real and affecting the
Supreme Self is called nescience, or Maya.  It is removed only
by the knowledge of Reality.

Verse 11:-  It is the Jiva, a 'reflection' of the Self, which is
affected by the pain and pleasure of this transmigratory
life, but not the real Self.  This understanding is called Knowledge,
through discrimination.

Verse 12:-  Therefore one should always enquire into the
nature of the world, the individual Self and the Supreme Self.
When the ideas of Jiva and Jagat (the world) are negated,
Pure Atman or Brahman alone remains.

Verse 14:-  The Supreme Self alone remains, also means
a conviction about the reality and not non-perceiving of
the world.  Otherwise, there would be no such thing
as liberation in life.

Arunachala Siva. 


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Re: Panchadasi - (13)
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Transmigration is an imaginary movement of subtle body from one gross body to another gross body.