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My Most favourite verses of Bhagavan Ramana
« on: March 06, 2010, 04:29:59 PM »
Amongst the various verses of Bhagavan Ramana, while all of
them are great ones and show the direct path to Atma Jnana,
two verses are my most favourite verses.  These two are the
first two verses of Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam.  I have already
given some commentary based on Nochur Venkataraman's disourse.
Regardless of these detailed comments,  I am somehow attracted myself, by the very form of verses.

The first one, AruL Niraivaana amudha kadale....

You see the beauty here.  Arunachala is the Hill of Fire, the solid,
non-moving Brahma-swarupam.  But is He only 'achalam' a solid
stuff?  No.  He is a liquid ocean of nectarine grace.  The first
line starts only with this grace aspect.  Then this grace would do
something terrible for you, if you are interested in liberation.
It will become like a Sun, with its engulfing rays swallowing everything, your vasanas included.  Thus, it is a dirt-cleaner,
but a terrible one.  Then, it, this Arunagiri Paramatma, will make
your heart lotus blossom, as the Sun by its rays makes the lotuses to blossom.  Bhagavan Ramana requests Arunachala only this
blossoming aspect of the lotus, the Heart.

The same idea is expressed in Sri Arunachala Akshara Mana Maalai, Verse 17, Giri Uruvahia krupai kadale.... He is the Mountain but at the same time, the ocean of grace.  In the same AAMM, He says
in Verse 18 that Arunachala will remove all the lowliness of a
devotee, in top and bottom, through its all spreading rays.

Thus, the Swarupa Lakshanam of Arunachala is described.  The
Heart Lotus, unlike the lotuses in the ponds, will not again fold
in the evening.  The Heart Lotus once opened, will never shut again.       

The second verse gives the Kriya Lakshanam of Arunachala.
How can Arunachala, the unmoving Brahman do kriyas?  No.
Kriyas are not done by him.  Normally kriyas are through the
grace of Mother, Unnamulai, Apeetakuchambal.  But Bhagavan
Ramana says, the kriyas just happen.  It is a wonder, chitram!
In the Red Hill, all creation, sustenance, and dissolution take
place on their own, without His kriya, action.  Like the causeless
First Cause, creates a chain of all effects, causes, effects and causes ad infinitum.  Thus the non-moving Self, does the work of Brahma,
Vishnu, and Siva.  He also dances in the heart, I am Heart, I am
Heart.  Like a person who is always dancing is called Nataraja,
like a person who is always brings welfare is called Mangalam,
the action of the dancing saying I am heart, I am heart, gives
the name that is Heart to Arunachala.

Bhagavan gives the same idea in AAMM, Verse 85, You tonsured
me and then danced in the all pervading space.  Mottai adithenai
vetta veLiyil nee, nattam adinai en arunachala.....

Nattam in Tamil is Natyam, Dance.

I am happy I am able to write some thing dear to my heart in
this post, which is quite important for me.

Arunachala Siva.