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Panchadasi - (12)
« on: August 19, 2008, 12:32:16 PM »
The Chapter VII continues...

Verse 241:- He who has heard the declaration of Sruti:
The Knower of Brahman become Brahman -- fixes his
whole mind on Brahman and ultimately knows himself
to be Brahman.

Verse 246:- Lapses do not nullify the realization of Truth.
Jivanmukti (liberation in life), is not a vow, but the
establishment of the soul in the knowledge of Brahman.

Verse 247:-  In the example already cited, the tenth man, who
have been crying and beating his head in sorrow, stops lamenting
on realizing that the tenth man is not dead.  But the wounds
caused by beating his head take a month to gradually to heal.
And so are the fructifying karmas.

Verse 248:-  On realizing that the tenth man is alive, he rejoices
and forgets the pain of his wounds.  In the same way, liberation
in life makes only forget any misery resulting from the fructifying karma.

Verse 250:-  As the tenth man cures his wounds by applying
medicines, so the knower wears out his fructifying karma
by enjoyment and is ultimately liberated from the body.

(Now, between verses 126 to 251, we have dealt with the
destruction of suffering as a result of knowledge, which is the
sixth state.  The seventh state is mentioned between verses
252 and 298)

Verse 252:- The satisfaction by external objects is limited but
the satisfaction of liberation in life is unlimited.  The satisfaction
ofm diect knowledge engenders the feeling that all that was
to be achieved, and all that was to be enjoyed has been enjoyed.

Verse 253:-  Before realization, one has many duties to perform
in order to acquire worldly and celestial advantages and also
as an aide to ultimate release.  But with the rise of knowledge
of Brahman, they are as good as already done, for nothing
further remains to be done.

Verse 254:-  The Jivanmukta always feels supreme self
satisfaction by constantly keeping in view his former state
and present state of freedom from wants and duties.

Verse 265:-  The Jivanmukta says:  There is no distraction
for me, so for me, there is no need of Samadi too.  Both
distraction and absorption are states of the changeless mind.

Verse 266:-  I am the sum of all the experiences in the
universe.  Where is the separate experience for me?  I have
obained all that was to be obtained and have done all that
was to be done.  This is my unshakable conviction.

Verse 269:-  Let my body worship God, take bath, preserve
cleanliness or beg for alms.  Let my mind recite "OM" or
study he Upanishads.

Verse 271:-  How can there by any conflict between the actor
and myself?  Our functions are as apart from each other as
the eastern from the western ocean!

Verse 278:-  Maya and its effects(the realm of duality) cannot
negate the knowledge of the Truth.  The dawn of truth has
already destroyed them for ever in the case of me, the knower.

Verse 279:-  The realm of duality, destroyed by knowledge, may
still be perceived by the senses, but such perception does not
affect illumination.  A living rat can never kill a cat.  Then, how
can it do so, when dead?

Verse 288:-  When infant children show the father disrespect
or even beat him, the father neither gets angry with them nor
feels sorry, and on the contrary, the father fondles them
with affection.

Verse 289:-  The enlightened man when praised or blamed by
the ignorant does not praise or blame in return.  He behaves
in such a way as to awaken a knowledge of the real entity in them.

Verse 295:-  Blessed am I, blessed, for there is nothing to
compare with my great bliss.  Blessed am I, blessed, blessed.
blessed, again and again blessed!

Verse 298:- The wise who study repeatedly the chapter called
the Lamp of Perfect Satisfaction, will dive in the bliss of Brahman,
and remains in perfect bliss for ever!

Chapter VII completed.

Arunachala Siva.             


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Re: Panchadasi - (12)
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2008, 02:10:10 PM »
After realisation there is nothing to be done.


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Re: Panchadasi - (12)
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2010, 08:11:08 PM »
Dear Subramanian garu and raju garu,

Ramana maharshi also uses the tenth example to state that Brahma jnana is not a knowledge to be acquired.