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Some Tips ...
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For someone aspiring for Self Realization, there are a few qualities to develop carefully. If the groundwork is done properly it would be a easy ride. Here we shall see some tips to develop these qualities and live them up. The tips are all in "Quotes".

1. Internal and External Control [Sama, Dama]:
          When I get angry , if i dont express it outwardly on the object. its external control. When I do not allow the anger to well up inside, that is internal control.
Now, how do we inculcate these in our lives?

Two words for it: Remain Relaxed, Observe Thoughts.
When one is relaxed, its easy to spot disturbances inside.
when one observes thoughts, one will be better able to spot disturbances.

Relaxation can be achieved by consciously giving self suggestion and one can start from the body and "Let go" tension.

To observe thoughts , one should practice. We can start by intentionally putting something in the mind and observing them. We can plant a mantra or a simple sloka. repeat the sloka slowly and observe! We could repeat hanuman chalisa or some such simple songs and observe them in mind!

Then we remain seated, with closed eyes and observe the thoughts. once we are comfortable like this, we will be able to better observe thoughts in normal day to day activities. I am not speaking of observing everythought! Lets not make a goal out of it!

a little slowing down initially would be helpful.

Swami Suddhananda explains it well... its like this: suppose you are seated in your house and you see some thief jumping your compound wall. The earlier you notice, the better prepared you are. Same with the builtup anger ... the earlier we spot the builtup the better! We have to spot it first.

Then, the thoughts can be treated as suggestions rather than commands. Coz a distance is created now. Otherwise, thoughts automatically act as commands in most of us. if we observe thoughts and carefully see the distance in the morning, it would be useful. All thoughts are suggestions and not commands. Treat them as suggestions --- one need not obey!

2. Titiksha , Bear the Tough situtations:
One cannot avoid tough times and situtations in life. There are some comfortable moments and some moments of discomfort. And at times the discomfort may be very high! so in those moments, bear it! There is no alternative!

Having done what you can to get out of the state of discomfort, one needs to accept the situtation. its discomfort and not nice... but when nothing could be done about it, accept the situtation... accept the situtation, not the discomfort ;). Try to remove the discomfort. but accept the situtation. Knowledge of our true nature can be of great use here! Japa is also very useful.

3. Desire For Liberation (mumukshatva)
There should be strong desire for liberation.

The way to develop this is reading the lives of saints like Ramana , Ramakrishna , Sankara etc. That develops devotion and desire for liberation. Reading Ramana's life is especially useful. Gautama Buddha's life stories are also very nice. I liked reading "Old Path White Clouds" and it was truely useful. Ramana's life by Sri Narasimham (?) was very nice to read. Books like Yoga Vasishtam, Adyatma Ramayanam , Bhagavatam , The lives of 63 shaivite saints etc can be really helpful.

4. Concentration, Ekagrata:

Ekagratha is essentially to bring back the mind onto the current job, every time it strays. Mind strays coz there is some other thing going on. The practice of bringing it back and putting it on the current task is ekagratha!

Japa is a very useful aid. when the mind strays, bring it back to the mantra!
its also useful to remain 100% with the work being done. Sometimes diverting from the task can be a useful way to relax the neural network of the brain ... dont think that always remaining with one work is the ideal way to work ... but then one should be able to bring the mind back to work ... that is practice. suppose i am trying to solve a problem ... and i think for some time ... my neural network is now activated. i stay in it for some time ... but i do not get the solution... its good to relax a bit, move out ... and walk a little and get back to the task again! That relaxation is not going to affect ekagratha. ekagratha means the ability to bring back the mind. same with spiritual practice also. when one feels one is too stressed, relax and get back after some time.

5. Samadhi , Total Stillness
That is to remain totally still! Totally immersed in Self.

Its tough at first. But the way is to leave or "Let go" everything else with mind on Self. I am Self, what have i got to do with all this ... this attitude of dispassion helps. Its not necessary to stop all thoughts or some such fancy thing. just remain totally still ... body is still, thoughts fixed on Self and totally still! I think of it like the zazen practice!

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Re: Some Tips ...
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Dear srkudai,

Very nice.  Controlling anger and greed and  "intense desire" for liberation, are
definitely the pre-requisites.  Ultimately one can have only desire for liberation.
Thedum poruL onru sivan kazhale sindhithu... says Saint Manikkavachagar.  My
desire (search) is only for Siva's golden feet.

Arunachala Siva.