Author Topic: Balarama Reddiar's reminiscences  (Read 1303 times)


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Balarama Reddiar's reminiscences
« on: February 22, 2010, 11:15:15 AM »
Sri Balarama Reddiar says:

What is important is not to fit Bhagavan's teaching into any already
existing philosophical framework, but to start practicing it.  If a devotee
thinks that Sad Darsanam teaches Saktadvaita philosophy, let him put
it into practice.  And if someone else thinks it teaches pure Advaita
philosophy, let him put that into practice.  Practice alone is important.
Bhagavan's teaching can be interpreted in so many ways, and in future
no doubt even more interpretations will come.  That is all for good.
But we should remember that Bhagavan Himself said that He did not
teach only one doctrine, but encouraged the learner to proceed on his
chosen path and at the same time pursue Atma Vichara.  However
one should never forget the assertion of Bhagavan:  "Self Knowledge
is an easy thing, the easiest thing there is." 

Self Enquiry is what He taught and what we should earnestly follow
as the direct path, instead of wasting time in endless disputations.
Practice is all-important.

(Source:  Moments Remembered, Sri V. Ganesan)

Arunachala Siva.