Author Topic: Ramana Maharshi's Last Poem Which is written in 1947  (Read 1459 times)


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Ramana Maharshi's Last Poem Which is written in 1947
« on: February 16, 2010, 01:06:57 PM »
It was in 1947 that Sri Bhagavan wrote his last poem. This time it was not in response to any request, and yet it had something of the appearance of a tour de force, since he wrote it first in Telugu, but to a Tamil metrical form, and then translated it into Tamil. It was called Ekatmapanchakam (‘Five verses on the Self ’).

Forgetting the Self, mistaking the body for the Self, going through innumerable births and finally finding and being the Self — this is just like waking up from a dream of wandering all over the world.

He who asks ‘Who am I?’ although existing as the Self, is like a drunken man who asks about his own identity and whereabouts.

When in fact the body is in the Self, to think that the Self is within the insentient body is like thinking that the cinema screen on which a figure is projected is inside the figure.

Has the ornament any existence apart from the gold (of which it is made)? Where is the body apart from the Self? The ignorant mistake the body for the Self, but the Jnani, knower of the Self, perceives the Self as the Self.

That one Self, the Reality, alone exists for ever. If even the Primal Guru (Adi Guru, Dakshinamurti) revealed it in silence, who can convey it in speech?