Author Topic: Ramana Maharshi says,God has no purpose. He is not bound by any action  (Read 1586 times)


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Devotee: Is not this world and what takes place therein the result of God’s will? And if so why should God will thus?

Ramana Maharshi: God has no purpose. He is not bound by any action. The world’s activities cannot affect Him. Take the analogy of the sun. The sun rises without desire, purpose or effort, but as soon as it rises numerous activities take place on earth: the lens placed in its rays produces fire in its focus, the lotus bud opens, water evaporates, and every living creature enters upon activity, maintains it, and finally drops it. But the sun is not affected by any such activity, as it merely acts according to its nature, by fixed laws, without any purpose, and is only a witness. So it is with God. Or take the analogy of space or ether. Earth, water, fire and air are all in it and have their modifications in it, yet none of these affects ether or space. It is the same with God. God has no desire or purpose in His acts of creation, maintenance destruction, withdrawal and salvation to which beings are subjected. As the beings reap the fruit of their actions in accordance with His laws, the responsibility is theirs, not God’s. God is not bound by any actions.



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Re: Ramana Maharshi says,God has no purpose. He is not bound by any action
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Dear prasanth,

Yes. God has not purpose to create the world.  Saiva Siddhantam which
accepts the creation theory, says it is just his sport.  Sri Soundarya
Lahari says:  O Mother, Brahma is dead.  Vishnu is also dead.  Indra
and other devas are dying one by one.  When everything dies and the
universe is annihilated, You are sporting with Sadasiva!

Arunachala Siva.