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Sri Devi Kaalottaram - 10
« on: February 14, 2010, 01:21:50 PM »
Sri Devi Kaalottaram, Verses 30 and 31:-

nirindhano yatha vahinh svayameva prasaamyati |
graahyaabhaavaanmanastadvat svayameva praleeyate ||

mohikaa moorchikaa maayaa svapanscheti chaturvidham |
sushuptirjaagratishaiva sarvametaparityajet ||

The expanding mind will attain peace, becoming still of is
own accord, if it is deprived of something to hold on, just
fire gets extinguished gradually if not fed with fuel.

You must realize that the four sates of infatuation, delusion,
swoon (due to shock) and dreaming, as also sleeping and waking
-- are all to be dispelled.


Bhagavan Ramana said the purport of the first verse, by explaining
in Who am I?:  Let many many thoughts occur.  When each thought comes up, ask for whom is this thought.  Then the mind will withdraw into its Source.  After some time, as the soldiers in a fort are all killed, the thoughts vanish and there is only the Self.  He has also said in the said subject, stick to one thought for control of the
mind, though not for quelling the mind for ever.  Even mantra japa
is a way to control other thoughts by a single thought of mantra.

Bhagavan Ramana sat on His sofa right from the day, the sofa
was brought for Him, by a devotee.  (This must be afer coming to
the foot hills, that is, after 1922.)  He never used to sleep with
His back touching the bed or the sofa.  He was always lying on the sofa facing one side of the Hall or the Hill in His typical "hasta-
kabola" pose, i.e. by keeping his one hand resting on one cheek.   His sleep is quite famous.  He never slept in the usual sense.
He used to close His eyes for a few minutes and then open, this happened even during nights.  In the morning, He used to wake up by 3 am.  He has said that He had dreams occasionally of the temples and temple towers.  His waking state was a sleepless-sleep only.

Arunachala Siva.