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Your point is known to me. Yes, I know!
« on: February 13, 2010, 01:15:38 PM »
Sri A. Devaraja Mudaliar says in his Recollections of Sri Ramana:-

I shall illustrate another way in which Bhagavan would sometimes
encourage me and show me the grace, while I was doing these
stotras.  I was once singing from Tiruvachakam, the 6th verse 
of Anandaditam, in Tiru Sadagam, which starts as Vicchathinriye
viLaivu seikuvai, vinnum mannu muzhum yavaiyum vaichu vaanguavi....

"You produce a crop without sowing seeds.  You project forth
the Earth and Heavens and all creation and withdraw them back into
yourself. Even a base and guileful person like me, you have drawn
towards you like one mad and rendered fit for the company of your
elder devotees. Nobody who has grown a mango tree will have
the heart to fell it, even if it should bear a poisonous fruit."

And when I was singing the last line, Nacchu ma maram aayinum
kolar, (Even if it should bear a poisonous fruit, no body will have
the heart to fell it),  Bhagavan said immediately, Naanum angane
udaiya nathane!.... (I am also like that...)

It was not as if I was faltering or groping for the remainder of the
line, and Bhagavan came to my help.  Rather Bhagavan made me feel as if He was saying:  "I know why you are reciting that song.
Your point is really on that line.  Yes, I know." 

(Source:  As indicated above.)

Arunachala Siva.