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The direction of the Guru
« on: February 13, 2010, 12:09:55 PM »
G.V. Subbaramayya writes in his Reminiscences:-

One morning Bhagavan Ramana while perusing an issue of the
Vision, read out the following statement of C.S. Baci, which
I took down:

"In the grammar of God, there is no Number but Singular, no Gender
but Common, no Tense but the Present, and no Person but First."

I was also shown by Bhagavan Ramana two humorous and witty
Slokas by Sri Sundarananda Swami in which the Swami compares
Bhagavan first in a potent exorciser, and secondly to the nine
planets.  I copied them down.  It was full moon day.  As usual,
Bhagavan got clean shave.  When we all assembled in the Hall
that afternoon, He jocularly remarked that He now chaged from
a bearded old man into a baby.  "In fact," He added:  "Jnana
is perpetual boyhood."

That day, a most extraordinary thing happened to me.  It was
Saturday, and I was to attend college on Monday.  So, I wanted
to start that noon.  After arranging everywhere, I went to Bhagavan
to prostrate and take leave.  On all such occasions, Bhagavan
would either say, "Yes, go" or give a silent nod of approval.
But this time, Bhagavan said:  "Your college reopens on Monday.
Why should you go now?"  I at once replied:  "I won't go now. 
I shall stop."  And I cancelled the arrangements.  That whole
afternoon, He was specially gracious to me and took great pains
to teach me the Malayalam alphabets.  That evening I asked Him whether I might go by the evening train. He enquired whetehr it was a through train.  I replied, "No. It will stop at Katpadi."  Then
Bhagavan asked:  "In that case, why should you spend the night
at Katpadi Railway Station? Why not here?"  I again postponed
my journey.

The next early morning train was the last for me. So about 5 a.m.
I went to Him for darshan.  As soon as He saw me, He enquired
whether I had taken breakfast and got ready to start.  I said:
Yes and prostrated.  As I got up, His look at me had completely
changed.  His eyes were wide open, fixed and steady.  He seemed
to be seeing thorough me and bestowed me into the Infinite.
I had never had such a gaze from Bhagavan before.  I felt like
Arjuna in Viswarupa Darsanam,   I was face to face with Divine
Majesty and stood spell-bound. Five minutes, ten minutes passed.  The cartman outside the gate was pressing.  I mumbled the words: "I take leave", but there was no response, not the least
change in the lustrous long gaze. I came away overwhelmed with awe and fear.  Everyone said that Bhagavan had treated in an
unprecedented way that it signified some momentous change in me.  The forecast was confirmd by an event that occured in my home
with three months.

My wife had a sudden, serious, pre-delivery complications, and was admitted into the hospital on the 23rd December and that very night she delivered a still-born baby.  I wired to the Asramam.   The reply came a couple of days later:  "With Bhagavan's gracious blessings."
But before I reached the hospital, it was all over. All the anxiety
in the three days had lifted away from me, I felt. Peace descended on me.

Next morning, I wrote a letter to the Asramam:  "Now I dedicate
my three motherless children to your feet.  Hereafter, they are
your children and not mine.  I feel utterly helpless and surrender to you.

Later I was told by my colleague Sri K. Suryanarayana, who was
present in the Asramam at that time, that when the letter was
presented to Bhagavan.  He had perused it in silence, and gave
it a long gaze just like the look that He had given me on that morning of my departure.

(Source:  As indicated above)

Arunachala Siva.       
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