Author Topic: Sri Devi Kaalottaram - 8  (Read 1223 times)


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Sri Devi Kaalottaram - 8
« on: February 13, 2010, 09:56:34 AM »
Verses 24 and 25:-

sarvayonishu sarvasya mahatklesam punah punah |
sarvaklesam partyaktum mahaasoonyam vichintayet ||

jnanaapatti nimittam tu kriyaa charyaah prakeetitah |
yogam saalambanam tyaktvaa nishprapancham vichinayet ||

All living beings, of whatever genus, undergo great misery
over and over again.  Hear me.  In order to avert all this suffering
and sorrow, meditate on the great Void constantly without any

Good actions and good conduct have been prescribed only to
guide the seeker towards the path of acquiring knowledge.
Therefore giving up even Saalamba Yoga in which an object
(such as a mantra or a form of God) is meditated upon in the
mind, stay steadfast in your real state (Sahaja Swaroopa),
where the outside world is not perceived.


Bhagavan Ramana said that all sufferings (and happiness)
too are due to living with our mind and thoughts.  This cannot
be overcome very easily.  It needs constant meditation on the
"I-I" and investigating the source of thoughts.  At the same time,
when there were genuine problems for devotees, who have still
not matured, He did empathise with them, without telling the
final truth.  Mother Azhagamma once complained that she did
not have any good ladles for stirring the sambhar etc., Bhagavan
Ramana smiled and told her:  "Use the wooden ladles given by
Desur Akhilandamma, we will see."  With in a few days, someone
brought nice brass and bronze ladles for the cooking.  The miseries are bound to happen.  One way is to seek the source of these
thoughts causing miseries.  The other way is to leave it Bhagavan
Ramana.  Things may improve, depending upon ones Prarabdha.

Hence the whole thing boils down to two things.  Either go for
Self enquiry in all earnestness.  If you are not strong, see that
you surrender to God/Guru in all earnestness.  In both the cases,
efforts and earnestness are essential.

Arunachala Siva.