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Bhagavan's Maha Nirvana - Mouni Sadhu
« on: February 12, 2010, 06:29:04 PM »
Mouni Sadhu writes in Call Divine:-

Three years ago, the sad news of the departure from the physical
body of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, came to me and His other
devotees scattered throughout the world.  I do not wish to praise
or compare the great Being at whose feet, the Almighty allowed
me to abide.

For how could we, from our lower level of consciousness describe
exactly this Being, whose mission was to give us something of
His infinit light?  And for adequate assessing of His greatness,
one must at least be on the same level of spiritual glory.  All that
I can do is try to convey what I found in my own heart, when
I received the news of His departure from physical body.

The light from those luminous eyes of Bhagavan Ramana, was for
ever engraved on my memory when leaving the Asramam.  And now
the account of His death lies before me.  Does it mean that those
eyes cannot any more radiate their silent inititation?  That light
of eternity has been really extinguished?  That would be ridiculous.
I know this light is not a material one, though it was conveyed through a material body.  This is a mystery but not a paradox.
I found in my heart no urge to discover that mystery through the
mind.  I feel that the fact was to, even though unexplainable by
the thinking process.  He Himself is beyond thoughts.  So His
leaving the body did not deprive me of His Reality.

I was sitting quietly, as in preparation for meditation, but this time, the usual process was changed.  Perhaps He saw that the human
heart, not yet free from all its weaknesses, needs sometimes some consolation.  And then, instead of a Void, the well known and beloved picture arose before me!... Perhaps His penetrating inner
sight saw the beneficial process in it, and His silent blessing was
the answer.  How can we fathom the unfathomable?

The true legacy of the Master could never be less than joy this
sublime and silent joy of Being, untroubled by the waves of the
surrounding illusory world or Maya.  This was His Peace, which
He bequethed to us.....

(Source:  As indicated above.)

Arunachala Siva.