Author Topic: What "Sri Arunachala Venba" book says about India and Arunachalam  (Read 1366 times)


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“Among all the globes, this earth is the only one for attaining Liberation, and among all the countries on earth, Bharatam (India) is the best.Among all the holy places (kshetras) in Bharatam,where various divine powers are manifest and functioning, Arunachalam is the foremost !”

“Tiruvarur, Chidambaram and Kasi are the holy places which bestow Liberation upon those who are born in, who see, or who die in them respectively, but Arunachalam bestows Liberation upon anyone on earth who merely thinks of It !”

-- ‘Sri Arunachala Venba’, verses 1 and 2

Source: The Path of Sri Ramana PART ONE The Jñana aspect of the teaching By Sri Sadhu Om


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Re: What "Sri Arunachala Venba" book says about India and Arunachalam
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Dear prasanth,

Yes. There are Arunachala Venba(s) by Guhai Namasivayar and
also Guru Namasivayar.  Both have lived in Tiruvannamalai about
500 years back.  These Venbas are also good. I think, I have posted
a few verses with meanings in the past.

Arunachala Siva.