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Sri Devi Kaalottaram - 4
« on: February 08, 2010, 11:44:55 AM »
Verses 20 and 21 are as under:-

Yadyadaalokya yo jantuh kurute karma sanchayam |
Tadagatirjaayate yasmaanniraalokam tu chintayet ||

Heturnaasti phalam naasti naasti karma svabhaavatah |
Asadbhootamiden sarvam naasti loko laukkiah ||

People perform their actions having their own aims in mind,
and they accordingly reap the consequences of their actions
by attaining those aims.  Therefore do not engage in such
actions, which are not free from flaws (leading to bondage).
Turn the attention completely away from external objects
and concentrate only upon that (the Self) which cannot be seen.

In our natural state, actions, cause and result of such actions,
and all the various other theories propounded (in the scriptures)
do not exist. In fact, even the diverse world does not exist.
As such, even the wordly individual also is attached to (the
various attractions) of the world is also non-existent.


Bhagavan Ramana used to tell His devotees, that good things
that come to you, can be availed/enjoyed and this will not create
any effect for you.  Once Annamalai Swami was asked to distribute
some sweets brought by a devotee to one and all.  Bhagavan Ramana took one piece and Annamalai Swami distributed them to
others.  Annamalai Swami found the sweet so delicious that he
took one more piece when he had gone away for distribution.
As soon as he returned to the Hall, Bhagavan Ramana asked him
whether he took one extra piece.  Annamalai Swami agreed.  Bhagavan Ramana mildly chided him.  From that day, Annamalai
Swami decided not to do anything, without Bhagavan's prior
consent!   But on an identical situation, Bhagavan Ramana told
Devaraja Mudaliar to take one extra piece of sweet, since there
were too many. When Mudaliar hesitated,  He said  "Take
one extra, it will not create any effect to you upon such action
by you."   

He told once in the dining hall, to the servers:  "Give more food
to Dhandapani Swami.  He does a lot of physical work and he
needs more food.  When Dhandapani Swami hesitated, Bhagavan
Ramana compelled him saying that there was no harm and the
concept of "equal distribution" would not arise there.

Arunachala Siva.