Author Topic: Oh, street beggar with monkeys  (Read 1160 times)


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Oh, street beggar with monkeys
« on: February 07, 2010, 02:15:45 PM »
Sivananda Lahari., Verse 20 describes Siva as a street beggar
holding monkeys.

sadha mohadavyam charati yuvadheena kuch-girouh
natathyasa sakasvatati jatithi svairamabhita |
kapalin bhiksho me hrudaya-kapi-matyantha chapalam
dhrutam bhaktya bhadhva siva bhavadheenam kuru vibho ||

O Siva, the one who is all pervading!  For ever, my mind is roaming
in the forests of listless delusion.  It dances on the mountain-like breasts of young women. It jumps around the branches of the trees of desires.  It moves hither and thither on all four directions at will without any purpose.  O the street beggar, with skull as the alms-
bowl!  You take my mind which is the monkey and hold it tight under your control with a rope called grace.

The mind that is monkey can be given only to Siva, who is Pasupati,
the Lord of all living beings, so that I may become peaceful without its interminable pranks and delusions!

(Source: Sivanananda Lahari, Verse 20.  Sri Sankara.  Tamil commentary by Anna Subramanya Iyer, Sri Ramakrishna Math,
Chennai.  Rough translation by me.)

Arunachala Siva.