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Dhrishtim Jnana Mayam Krutva
« on: February 07, 2010, 01:20:00 PM »
Once Krishna Premi came to the Asramam.  He was an American
by birth, but embraced Sri Vaishnavism, and had diksha through
Chaitanya Maha Prabhu's Gowdia Math, in Bengal. He is the spokesman of the philosophy that all that one sees is Vasudeva.
He was chanting the Taraka mantra, Sarvam Vasudevamayam Jagat.

When Krishna Premi asked about this sublime way to Bhagavan,
He replied in assent, by shaking His head. Then, Bhagavan said:
"Yes. Yes. Where is doubt on that?  This is very sublime philosophy.  All Vaishnava Acharyas have given detailed commentary on this. 

"But, however....."  Bhagavan continued:  "To see everything as
Vasudeva, is it not YOU who should contemplate like that?  Does
anything outside come and tell you that It is Vasudeva?  No, is it
not?  Then WHO is contemplating that everything is Vasudeva?
It is only YOU. Apart from you, everything else is insentient.
But YOU alone are Chaitanya. When YOU are seeing all the earth,
trees, plants, creepers, grass and bushes as Vasudeva, are You
not interested in seeing Yourself as Vasudeva?  When YOU begin to meditate that YOU are Vasudeva, then YOU become Vasudeva.
There is no need to see "now" that everything is Vasudeva.  After YOU become VASUDEVA, then you see everything as Vasudeva.
Then all would REALLY APPEAR AS VASUDEVA.  If Dhrik becomes Vasudeva, then Drsyam also becomes Vasudeva. Dhrishtim Jnana mayim krutva - these words of Sri Sankara is the truth."

Thus when Bhagavan Ramana explained Sri Vaishnava Tattvam in the words of Sri Sankara,  Krishna Premi became horripilated.  He was shedding tears for long, looking at Bhagavan Ramana,with profound astonishment and gratitude.

(Source:  Ninaivil Nirainthavai - Reminiscences - T.R. Kanakammal.)

Arunachala Siva.