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Himavan pleased with Siva
« on: February 06, 2010, 02:06:20 PM »
Himavan is the king of Himachala and his wife is Mena Devi.
Their only darling daughter is Uma.  Once Brahma and Vishnu
came to Himavan and told him to give his daughter in wedding
to Siva.  Siva came to see Uma and was happy and indicated his
liking to marry Uma.  Himavan became thoughtful.  This guy has
not mother and father.  And his caste is not even known to us.  We do not know his gothra, lineage.  How can we give our daughter?  Mena Devi said:  It does not matter.  If he has no mother and father,
it is in a way good, for Uma will not suffer at the hands of a mother
in law or a sister in law!

The wedding took place in a grand manner.  Kubera came as
the best-man for Siva.  Brahma and Saraswati, and Vishnu and
Lakshmi attended the wedding and gave the couple a lot of costly

Finally Siva took leave and left with Uma.  He said that they are
going for honey-moon to Tiruvannamalai.  "It is a very cool place
here.  Annamalai is quite hot.  So, for a change, we propose to go
to Tiruvannamalai for honey-moon. 

Himavan exclaimed:  "Oh!  To Annamalai?"

Siva said:  "Yes, to Annamalai.  I own that Hill."

Himavan became very happy.  O, our son-in-law is also the
owner of a Hill.  Then, I should say that he belongs to our caste!
He and Mena Devi happily saw the couple off to Tiruvannamalai!


One girl to another:-

His temple is the cremation ground!
He wears the tiger skin as a nice apparel.
He has no mother, no father, He is all alone...
(What is the glory of your Siva?)

The other girl answers:

What if, He has no mother or father.
What if, He is all alone, a destitute.
You don't know His valour, if He gets angry,
All the worlds will burn to gravel and dust!

  - Tiruchazhal - Holy Verbal Duel - Verse 3. Tiruvachakam.
     Saint Manikkavachagar.

(Source:  Idea from some old Tamil book.)

Arunachala Siva.