Author Topic: Sri Mahadeva Iyer's persistent hiccough  (Read 1319 times)


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Sri Mahadeva Iyer's persistent hiccough
« on: February 06, 2010, 10:10:35 AM »
Sri Mahadeva Iyer, a devotee of Bhagavan Ramana, was ailing
in Madras from persistent hiccough for nearly a month.  His daughter
wrote to Bhagavan Ramana, appealing to Him to bless her father
and give relief in his distressing ailment.

On receipt of this letter, Bhagavan Ramana told me (T.K. Sundaresa
Iyer) to write to Sri Mahadeva Iyer that a paste of jaggery and dried
powdered ginger, if taken, would effect immediate cure of his trouble.

Then, turning to Madhavan, His personal attendant, Bhagavan
Ramana said:  "We had some ready-made paste of this medicine.
Can you find it?"  Madhavan immediately produced it.  Bhagavan
Ramana took a dose of it Himself, and distributed the same paste
among those around Him!

He looked at me and said that I might write to Sri Mahadeva Iyer
by that very evening's post.   

I said in jest, "Why Bhagavan, Mahadevan is already cured.  Bhagavan has taken medicine for him!  And Bhagavan gave a
broad laugh.

I wrote to Sri Mahadeva Iyer from the Asramam office.  But the next day's post brought us a letter from his daughter to say that her
father was relieved of his ailment by 1 PM on the previous day!
It was exactly the hour when Bhagavan took the jaggery paste!

It is like the old saying in Tamil:  The gypsy girl had labour pain
and delivered the child, though it was the gypsy husband who took
medicine on her behalf.

You know all that is wanted by me.
You only give all that is wanted by me.
You became rare to Brahma and Vishnu.
(Because they wanted to measure you with their egos).
But you volunteered to take hold of me and rule me.
You grace me even without my asking.
If I do not want anything that is conferred by you,
You know,  that is really deserved by me.
Even that is your Will.

          - Tiruvachakam, Kuzhaitha Pathu, Decad on Melting.
             Verse 6,  Manikavachagar. 

(Source: At the feet of Bhagavan, T.K. Sundaresa Iyer.)

Arunachala Siva.