Author Topic: Bhagavan's great love for devotees  (Read 1015 times)


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Bhagavan's great love for devotees
« on: February 05, 2010, 12:04:46 PM »
Desur Akhilandamma once took some murukku (a South Indian
savoury, made of rice and moong dhal flour mixed with salt and chilly
powder and fried in oil) to Bhagavan Ramana.  Bhagavan Ramana
was staying in Skandasramam those days.  During her visit, some
Chettiars of Karaikudi had brought a full vessel of murukku-s.
These were looking very nice, made out of good grade flour and nicely fried in pure coconut oil.  Akhilandamma was hesitant, to give her murukku-s on seeing this gorgeous presentation of Chettiars.

First the items brought by Chettiars were distributed.  Bhagavan
Ramana as usual, took one piece and told the rest to be distributed to the devotees there.  Thereafter, He asked Akhilandamma: "What
have you brought?"  Akhilandamma hesitatanly placed her small vessel containing the same items.  Bhagavan took one full piece
and enjoyed eating it!  When the attendants came to pick the remaining for distribution to devotees, He took one more and munched it with great pleasure!


O, the One who is ever like a ocean of limitless grace!
Many devotees with true love and maturity, came to your feet,
And merged without any trace of their individuality.
You came to me, with all mercy as a human being
And gazed at me, with all simplicity, O the Effulgence!
Even then my Heart is not opened, what a shame!
What a lowly dog am I, what a lowly life is mine!   

              - Tiruchadhkam, 10.1. Tiruvachakam, Manikkavachagar.

(Source:  Sri Ramana Mathuraanubhavam, Desur Akhilandamma.)

Arunachala Siva.