Author Topic: Reasons Why Ramana Maharshi Stopped Going Round The Arunachala Hill From 1926  (Read 2036 times)


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In 1926 Ramana suddenly stopped going round the hill, although he continued with his regular walks. The cause was a dispute between his younger brother Nagasundaram, who had by now come to live with Ramana, and Narayana Rao, one of the Ashram occupants.

Narayana Rao had to stay behind to deal with the kitchen work, while all the others went around the hill, which was not to his liking. When Ramana heard about the argument, he said,“There is a controversy because I go round the hill. You please go round the hill without me.” He said these words calmly but firmly.

After this incident he never again went round the hill.

Another reason why Ramana gave up the circumambulation of the hill may also be the fact that the number of visitors had increased enormously. He wanted to be available to all who came to him and he could not accept that newcomers should be forced to wait for his return. He was always keen to avoid troubling or disappointing people. So he now restricted himself to his simple walks.

Sri Ramana encouraged everyone to do pradakshina,even people who did not believe in the effectiveness of this long walk. He once said to his devotee Devaraja Mudaliar, “For everybody it is good to make circuit of the hill. It does not even matter whether one has faith in this pradakshina or not just as fire will burn all who touch it whether they believe it will or not, so the hill will do good to all those who go round it. … Go round the hill once. You will see that it will attract you.


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