Author Topic: Some light Moments of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi  (Read 1726 times)


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Some light Moments of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi
« on: January 27, 2010, 07:48:50 PM »
Once during the Virupaksha days, Bhagavan, Palani and another person began going along a path towards the western forest. On the way a Harijan woman who was there to collect leaves and twigs saw Bhagavan and began upbraiding him. “Why can you not sit quietly at some place and meditate? Why do you have to roam about here and there like us who have to go around to collect firewood?” After saying this she left the place. Bhagavan remarked “She has taught us a good lesson in philosophy!”

One new moon day some orthodox Brahmins came to have Bhagavan’s darshan in the morning. They wished to go and perform the rite – tarpanam after the darshan.
Bhagavan asked them to stay back for breakfast where uppuma was to be served. Not being able to decline Bhagavan’s invitation, the Brahmins stayed for breakfast.
After breakfast was over, Bhagavan read out aloud an article detailing the good that onion could do to us and then asked them, “Did you notice any onion in today’s uppuma?” The orthodox Brahmins could not answer. Then Bhagavan said, “If onion is cut into fine pieces and fried in castor-oil the pungent smell will disappear.” Bhagavan’s upadesa was that mere adherence to customs was not important and that they were meant only as aids to sadhana.

Bhagavan had a keen sense of humour. During his stay at Virupaksha cave a north-Indian came to have his darshan. There was no one else there except Bhagavan who was
working on a mud wall. The visitor took him to be a labourer and asked him “Who is the Swami here?” Bhagavan said “He has gone out.” After waiting for some time the visitor left. On the following day also the same thing happened. As he was on his way back, Echammal saw him and getting to know what had happened, took him back to the cave. After the visitor had spent some time with Bhagavan and left, Echammal asked Bhagavan whether it was fair to play a trick on the visitor.Bhagavan said, “Do you want me to go about with a piece of paper bearing the legend ‘I am the Swami’ or do you want me to get the words painted on my forehead?” Quite true. For one who cannot see even with eyes open everyone is an ordinary human being.

A rich devotee once said that he had been visiting Bhagavan for over ten years but could notice no spiritual improvement in himself.Bhagavan: A first class passenger wishing to go to Kasi would ask the guard to wake him up when the train reached Kasi and then would go to sleep pulling down all shutters. Suppose he wakes up at the middle of the night and keeps lamenting that he might already have crossed Kasi would you describe him as being intelligent? His business was to inform the guard, would not the guard look after his duty?

Telugu original Sri Krishna Bhikshu Edited and Translated by Pingali Surya Sundaram

ఓం  నమో  భగవతే  శ్రీ  రమణాయ   
ప్రశాంత్  జలసూత్రం
ప్రేమే శాశ్వతము 


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Re: Some light Moments of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi
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Dear prasanth,

Very nice.  The Hill story is like this:  Seeing Bhagavan Ramana,
(He was very young then) roaming all around the Hill, the old
cooly lady remarked:  "Fie, You be put in pyre.  summa sivanenu
irrukkapadatha?  Will not you be still, as Siva, why are you moving
here and there?"  This, Bhagavan Ramana said was the highest advice for Him.

Arunachala Siva.